The Best Tokyo Restaurants You Need To Try In 2024

By Inex Palit

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If you are in the midst of sketching your dream journey to Tokyo, or already wandering its neon-lit streets, you are in for a treat when it comes to the food.  Here at Urban List, we think that the best restaurants in Tokyo will pull you in with their irresistible Japanese cuisine and will have your taste buds wanting more. 

Read on for the best restaurants in Tokyo to grab a table at in 2024.

Restaurant Ode

a bright green bowl of vegetables
Image credit: Ode Restaurants | Instagram

Opened in 2017 by the talented Chef Yusuke Namai, Ode is a dining experience that is as much about the aesthetic as it is about taste. From the grey theme that colour everything from the walls to the kitchen door, to the monochromatic presentation of most dishes, it really is a feast for your eyes and your palate. Take a seat at the counter and watch as Chef turns each dish into a work of art—including his own, not to be missed, signature dish, ‘grey’.

Sushi Yuu Tsubasa

If "all you can drink" champagne, beer, sake, and non-alcoholic beverages sound like your idea of heaven, then Sushi Yuu Tsubasa is the place to be. This sushi haven offers an array of delicacies, from 10 pieces of sushi to grilled items and small bowls like chawanmushi and tofu. Just a quick 2-3 minute stroll from Ebisu station, this cozy spot with 12 counter seats will give you a memorable dining experience.


two pieces of vegetables on a plate
Image credit: Alchimiste | Instagram

Chef Kenichi Yamamoto, trained at Le Chateaubriand in Paris, brings his passion for fresh ingredients and innovative cooking to Alchimiste. Their signature Jerusalem artichoke espuma, harvested from their own farm, exemplifies their love for farm-to-table dining. Makiko Yamamoto, Kenichi’s wife and restaurant’s sommelier, completes the dining experience with expertly paired wines sourced from small producers in Japan and worldwide.

Mendokoro Natsumi

Mendokoro Natsumi might be small with its 10 seats, but it's mighty when it comes to flavour. They've got a ticket vending machine system and serve noodles that are hand-kneaded by Kokoro-no-Aji Seimen in Matsudo. Whether you like your noodles thick, thin, or curly, they've got you covered. The star of the show, though, is their rich broth, a delightful concoction of chicken bones, pork bones, Tsukiji Market fish heads, seafood, and veggies. Give their Tsukemen or Niboshi Tonkotsu a try for a delightful combination of flavours.

Tapas Molecular Bar

a doughnut burger with caviar
Image credit: Tapas Molecular Bar | Instagram

Tapas Molecular Bar is a gastronomic adventure curated by Chef de Cuisine Kento Ushikubo, who majored in art. Using the tools and techniques of both an artist and a scientist, Ushikubo creates a playful, interactive, and delicious dining experience. This counter-style restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo offers diners the chance to watch the culinary magic happen up close. For a little extra luxury, arrive half an hour early to enjoy access to the exclusive lounge.

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Isana Sushi

Isana Sushi, which opened in 2012, is the brainchild of Chef Junichi Onuki, who spent a decade honing his skills at London's Zuma. "When you see sushi, you can see the person too," Chef Onuki asserts, reflecting his profoundly personal approach to sushi-making. Here, sushi rice is prepared with less moisture, ensuring the perfect texture and flavour balance. Don't miss their sake pairings – Chef Onuki's selection of limited edition, seasonal, and unique sakes will delight your senses.

Sushi Bullpen

the bare exterior of a sushi restaurant in Tokyo
Image credit: Sushi Bullpen | Instagram

Inspired by the world of baseball, Sushi Bullpen is an intriguing mix of sporty vibes and serious sushi artistry. The chefs, wearing custom baseball caps, serve up delicious sushi in a unique standing-only setting that's currently a hit in Tokyo. The highlight? All sushi items are perfectly seasoned, eliminating the need for a soy sauce dip. The Nodoguro sushi, featuring a buttery black throat seaperch, comes highly recommended.

Menya Itto

two bowls of ramen inspired dishes
Image credit: Menya Itto | Instagram

Just a short walk from Shin-Koiwa station, Menya Itto is a must-visit for any ramen lover. What's unique here? The complimentary soup refills and handmade noodles are made with six types of flour and natural salt. These noodles cling perfectly to the soup, making every slurp a joy. Don't miss their signature Tokusei noko gyokai tsukemen. The Tsukemen broth, with five types of seafood and crustaceans in Tsukuba chicken paitan soup, is a flavour bomb.


a brothy bowl of ramen
Image credit: Shibasakitei | Instagram

Shibasakitei serves noodles made from domestic wheat with alkaline water from Tamura Seimen, and their shio bonito or shoyu broths are to die for. Both type of broths contain shiitake mushrooms and chicken bones.

Earthy notes of shiitake add a layer of depth to the broth, while slow simmered chicken bones broth brings richness with its umami taste. The result is in a ramen that is slightly sweeter than the usual. You’ll think whether it is socially acceptable to lick the bowl clean!Want a recommendation? Try their duck ramen or the salted sardines ramen (shio niboshi) with charsiu – you won’t regret it.     


Let's start with Gensuiton, where the tonkatsu is prepared with free-range pork. The tonkatsu at Gensuiton stands out with its lightly crumbed coating, the meat is so tender, you can leave your knife aside and savour the melt-in-your-mouth texture with just your chopsticks! You can add on another bowl of pot-cooked Koshihikari rice for an extra 50 yen which is well worth it. Koshihikari rice stands out with its unique sticky texture, aroma, and a hint of sweetness. When cooked, this rice has a glossy finish. Eating this rice is an experience in itself!

Butagumi Shokudo

fried chicken on a plate
Image credit: Butagumi Shokudo | Facebook

Next up, we have Butagumi Shokudo, where you can choose your preferred pork cut and weight. Your reward is a crispy, tender, and juicy tonkatsu experience. At this tonkatsu paradise, the crunchy cutlet is coated with golden panko. And there's more: they even print instructions on savouring their tonkatsu - take a bite sideways so the meat graces your tongue before the crunchy bits. Here, you also have the option to choose from standard or premium pork. Oh, and did we mention the bottomless rice?

Tonkatsu Marugo

One of our final stops is Tonkatsu Marugo, where owner Takayoshi Takeuchi has refined his craft for 40 years. Takeuchi-san employs a unique, rare cooking skill called "low-temperature frying". The result? Thick, succulent cuts of tonkatsu with a perfect fat-to-meat ratio. But remember to bring cash and queue early, as waiting times can reach 30-60 minutes. The bonus? Free refills on rice, miso soup, vegetables, and tea!

Azuki To Koori

a bowl of ice cream
Image credit: Azuki To Koori | Instagram

Miho Horio, the mastermind behind Azuki to Koori, brings her experience from the renowned Michelin-starred Florilege to the art of making Kakigori. She incorporates French techniques, such as espuma foam and chiboust cream to bring a humble dessert to life.

Savouring her crafty icy creation is an art in itself. With the menu changing according to the four seasons in Japan, you'll find a new favourite every time you visit. The signature dish? The Azuki to Meringue. It's a kakigori with a combination of sweet red bean, cream, and crunchy meringue that will take your tastebuds on a sweet ride.

Parlor Vinefru Ginza

Brought to life by Yoshinori Nishigaya, Parlor Vinefru Ginza is buzzing on YouTube and social media – and for good reason. You can watch the mesmerising preparation of Kakigori on their channels and it’s almost as good as actually eating it. But what sets it apart is its housemade vinegar espuma and syrup, lending a unique tang to each icy treat.

Flavours range from the adventurous – think blue cheese and pepper or cheese with lemon vinegar – to the more conventional, but equally delightful, such as strawberry pistachio. And the cherry on top? Their secret menu! Just check out their Instagram for the scoop.

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