22 Ultimate Cheap Eats in Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
27th Apr 2015

Wham Bam Banh Mi | Credit Esteban Rivera

By now you’ve probably noticed our dedication to sourcing Brisbane’s cheapest eats is bordering on unhealthy, but there’s a good reason. Every week (following our usual bender of Beluga caviar and Kobe beef) we find our appetites whetted for splendid repasts but with barely enough loose change to hit up Maccas. Not willing to drop the palatable standards to which we’ve grown accustomed, us valiant few have braved the menus of every reputable (and non-reputable) thicket of Brisbane’s foodie wilderness to forage for sustenance that is both wallet and tooth friendly. 

The struggle is real. 

Fortunately Brisbane’s jazziest restaurateurs have rewarded our tenacity and kindly dotted their menus with utterly delicious and satisfying meals that save us from burrowing into our shoe budgets. 

Here are our picks of Brisbane’s ultimate cheap eats: delicious feasting that costs less than the cab fare home:

  1. $1 oysters from Iceworks.
  2. La Vosh’s Breakfast Bagel with bacon and egg, $6
  3. Chur Burger’s Baja Fish Tacos with jalapeño mayonnaise and cucumber salsa, $7
  4. Pork Xiao Long Bao from the Fat Dumpling, $8
  5. Four Cheese Jaffle from Spring’s tuckshop with cheddar, mozzarella, Jahlsberg and brie, $7
  6. The Bun Mobile's Wagyu Bun with pickled shitake mushrooms and Red Dragon sauce, $8
  7. Gelato-Filled Brioche from La Macelleria, $9
  8. Mrs. Luu's Roast Pork Bahn Mi, $9
  9. Red Hook’s NYC Dog: cheese Kransky, BBQ onion, American pickle and crispy fried shallot, $9
  10. Bread and Meat Co.'s Beef Brisket Dip Sandwich, with horseradish aioli and jus, $9.50 
  11. NYA Curry with pork or chicken from Motto Motto, $9.50
  12. $10 Peking Duck Pancakes at Sichuan Bang Bang
  13. Miss Kay’s Cheeseburger, $10 
  14. Trang’s Rare Beef Pho, $11.90
  15. PJ’s Steaks' Chilli Cheesesteak Hoagie: American-style chilli with beans, Wagyu beef, jalapenos, and fried onions, $13 
  16. Lamb Souvlaki and Salad from the Little Greek Taverna, $15 
  17. Lock 'n Load's Green Eggs and Ham with pancetta and poached eggs, $16
  18. All Day Big Breakfast at the Regatta’s Street Café, $18.90
  19. Pork Banh Mi with apple chilli sauce at Wham Bam Banh Mi, $9
  20. Tippler’s Tap: 5 sliders for $20
  21. Half a Jamaican chicken from Jahh Tiger, $22
  22. Kinkawooka Mussels steamed with chorizo, chilli, and cherry tomatoes from the Fox Hotel’s Fish Lane Bistro, $25

To help you through those times when you’re short on cashola, we’ve partnered with our friends at Nimble to bring you the best cheap eats in Brisbane. These lists are researched and recommended by The Urban List and brought to you by Nimble. Still struggling on the cash front? See what Nimble might be able to do for you.

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