9 of Brisbane’s Best Late Night Desserts

By Phoebe Hurst
17th Feb 2014

Humans are an unusual species, prone to ever changing whims and needs. Sometimes we like to run for ridiculous distances at early hours in the morning and others times, the clock will strike 11pm we'll be hit with an inexplicable urge to devour something chocolate smothered/caramel drizzled/studded with strawberries/all of the above.

Because it's totally impossible to fight these urges (trust us, we've tried), you should show your late night sugar cravings some love by getting a little more acquainted with the dessert menus at Brisbane's after hours eateries. Nothing quite beats ordering solely from the sweet section and really, life is too short not to be eating dessert first. Here's our guide to help you find the city's best late night desserts, for when you need sugar, STAT.

Canvas Cocktail and Wine Bar

The Woolloongabba bar's cosy booths and graffiti art walls are the ideal surrounds for a late night dessert session. Alongside sharing platters, tapas and some pretty delicious polenta chips, Canvas sate sweet teeth everywhere with their orange mousse trifle and deconstructed rocky road. If you like your sugar hit in a glass with a shot of alcohol, their cocktails come drizzled with sweet syrups and truffle honey too.

The Euro

If you're looking for a sugar fix with a touch le moderne, look no further than this European-inspired brasserie. The Euro's zesty lemon tart and mandarin and mango pavlova use fresh local ingredients and can be complimented with a glass from their extensive dessert wine selection. 

Alfred & constance

They've got a new dessert menu, and their open late, which means there's all the more reason to swing by this happenin' house party/restaurant of an evening and grab yourself something sweet. Our picks of the A&C menu include the scrummy banoffee pie (is there such a thing as not scrummy banoffee pie?) and the Nutella cheesecake with cookie crumble. Or you could just skip the solids and enjoy a creamy espresso martini.

Gerard's Bistro

Gerard's may be a dinner favourite (and breakfast, and lunchtime) but if you're looking for some sweet nocturnal nibbles, the James Street bistro is also open until midnight. It's not all chocolate either, pretend that you're being at least a little bit healthy by sampling Gerard's summer berries and whipped cheese or try the indulgent caramel spiced rum cake. And for those occasions when nothing but chocolate will do, there's always the smashed chocolate, Turkish delight and pistachio curd option. This is one of Brisbane's finest late night dessert offerings, in our humble opinion

Harajuku Gyoza

We all know Harajuku Gyoza as the place to go for late night dumplings, but have you thought about finishing up your Japanese feast with a Nutella Banana? Yup, you heard us right: three pieces of Nutella smothered banana with ice cream. Fortitude Valley suddenly got a whole lot more delicious.

the three monkeys

An oldie but a goodie, who could resist a late night sweet treat from The Three Monkeys' infamous cake cabinet? We're torn between the caramel pistachio cake and honeycomb cheesecake, but with opening hours until 12.30pm at weekends, the West End coffee house will always be our late night favourite.

The Continental Cafe

The Europeans know about dessert and that's certainly the case at The Continental Cafe. The New Farm restaurant proudly boasts "17 years of late lunches" but it should really be adding some after hours desserts to that claim, too. Open until 11.30, The Continental's spring dessert menu currently encompasses sticky date pudding, lime and coconut crème brûlée and burnt caramel ice cream.

Bitter Suite

Catering to New Farm dwellers with a suite tooth (geddit?), Bitter Suite's dessert menu spans from baked innovations (think coffee brownies and toasted banana bread) to the classic white chocolate panacotta. Who said you can't have beer with dessert?

Brunswick Social

A stalwart of Brisbane's late night dining scene, Brunswick Social isn't just about cocktails and dumplings. The deep fried custard buns and ice cream will cure any level of sugar craving and the white choc roasted coconut ice cream has to be tasted (or, more likely, demolished) to be believed. 

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