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All The Best Nightclubs In Brisbane That Don’t Suck

By Morag Grealy
19th Dec 2017


1, 2, 3, 4, everybody hit the D-floor! There’s nothing like shaking your booty to soothe the soul and make all the petty problems from the week seem like a world away.

When your night has hit peak fun vibes and that drink (s) has kicked in you don’t want to waste your buzz on a sucky joint with bad vibes. Let your inner J-LO shine at the best nightclubs in Brisbane.


Fortitude Valley

As soon as you walk in the door to Laruche, you find yourself conveniently in the middle of their dancefloor, so you know this place means business (of the dancing variety). Laruche is the ultimate nightclubs in Brisbane, with hot-to-trot DJ sets that will have you letting loose as soon as you arrive. Be sure to make your way to one of their LOLA nights for the ultimate night of self-expression and busting shapes.


Fortitude Valley

Low key one of Brisbane's best nightclubs (okay, so it's not technically a club, more a bar with a hella good dancefloor), once the Barbara D-floor warms up, there’s no cooling down. Not only is this a hipster hot-spot, but they also host one hell of a theme night and guest DJs to get you swaying (did someone say Rihanna appreciation night? YAS). They’ve also got Vinyl Nights where you can bring and play your own vinyl (noice), as well as ‘Cover to Cover’, where the team at Barbs will play a complete album from legends like Stevie Wonder or Prince for a night. That’s everything including the bangers and fillers—you get the picure dance machines!

No Lights No Lycra

West End

Love to dance but think you’ve got two left feet? Well now you can dance like nobody’s watching at the world-renowned, No Lights No Lycra event held in West End. They switch out the lights out, remove all judgement, crank up the tunes, and the rest is up to you! We’ll see you there Tuesday nights from 7pm-8pm for just $6.

The Press Club

Fortitude Valley

If old school RnB is what it takes to get you out of your seat then make a beeline for The Press Club in Fortitude Valley. Soon enough, booths that were meant for sitting become overrun with dance-aholics cutting shapes like a grade three class and screaming the universal party chorus: ‘from the windoooow, to the wall’.

The Beat

Fortitude Valley

If you’re a fan of Sex & the City then you know that gay clubs are one of the best places to show off your hot moves. The Beat is no exception and is a Brisbane dance institution for good reason. Don’t be surprised if you turn into a slave for Britney while you’re here!

The Flying Cock

Fortitude Valley

Live music, all the energetic youngsters of the town, some headache-inducing cocktailsl, and a HUGE dancefloor—we’re talking about The Flying Cock. They’re open until 3am on Friday and Saturdays which is one of the reasons why they’re one of the best nightclubs in Brisbane and a quintessential venue to end your night on the right note.


Fortitude Valley

Formerly The Family, this five story mega-club of Brisbane-town is the place to hit up if you really want dance up a storm—dusk ‘til dawn. With the doof-doof pumping via an atrium stage, Ei8ht feels like you’ve entered a dancing dreamland. The best times to go are for ‘One’ on Saturday nights and their iconic ‘Fluffy’ event on a Sunday . Weekend session, sorted.

Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall

Caxton Street

Do-si-do to the live rockabilly sounds thumping at Lefty’s on Caxton Street. Drop those inhibitions and let your inner country music fan out! When you need a breather, be sure to head to the front bar where you can get a bag of popcorn and sample the house cocktail: a whisky apple made with Sailor Jerry’s and fresh apple juice. Dancing sustenance right there.

Image credit: Rooners Toy Photography via Flickr. 

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