Brisbane’ Best Sausage Rolls | 2015 Edition

By AJ James
16th Jun 2015

When it comes to pastry based comfort food, there really is nothing else that can compete with the humble sausage roll.

Mainly because as its core it combines two simple delights that together, when joined in food matrimony (just like jam and cream), go from beyond plain old finger-licking good, to downright high five inducing.

The golden pastry outer, so crisp and buttery it basks for attention, encasing a big fat log of spiced and minced meat. 

And yes, we’ll acknowledge that there are some servo versions out there that are more akin to rat coffins* than they are to food, there’s no debating that a sausage roll in its prime is a thing of pure delight. 

It satisfies the hanger pangs when you’re out on the road, in a café seeking something truly heart warming OR when feeling well below your best owing to the mixing of drinks in the early hours that have gone before.

Here’s to the sausage roll (and if you’ve got it in you, you can make some).

Jocelyn's Provisions

New Farm

Well these are just the ant’s pants. The pastry around one of Jocelny's sublime sausage rolls is super flaky, and it’s topped with herbs, AND there's a mixture of pork and beef mince in there, so you needn’t choose between the two.

Pamela's Pantry


It’s hard to decide whether the sausage roll or fat beef pie is better at Pammie’s. But after much deliberation, the sausage roll takes it home. And you can buy little catering sized ones to bake at home. Win. 

Le Campagne Bakery


Le Campagne and its sausage rolls is such a little gem of a Brisbane bakery, and their counters just burst with those true Australian classics. The lamingtons? Well you just want to plant your face in them.

The Welsh Lady


If you play your cards right you’ll be able to get one of The Welsh Lady's sausage rolls from the counter and heated up for eating on the go… otherwise, take a tray of their mini frozen ones home and watch the football. 

The Baker's Arms


You’ll think you want one of Baker's Arms' quiches when you see them, but you’ll be glad you opted for one of their rolls upon eating. A good size (not too big or small), and the pastry has got some seriously good flaking going on.

Flour & Chocolate 


I have this friend (let’s call her Shelby Chalmers) and not only does she work in the food industry, she’s probably the best commentator in terms of what’s the best. “Flour and Chocolate, Babes” – straight from her mouth.

*Just think about it.

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Image credit: Cooked

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