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13 Of The Best Catering Companies In Brisbane For Your Next Event

By Annabelle Allpass
1st Sep 2022

Who are you reader? If you've stumbled here, perhaps you've been delegated the slightly mammoth task of organising the office Christmas party. Maybe you're the hostess with the absolute mostess or maybe you’re tying the knot and going the DIY route—either way, no one wants to be slaving in the kitchen for every man and his dog for two weeks straight for their event. 

Well, imagine a glittery fairy descending from the sky, waving their wand and magically creating a spread that gives the great feast from Harry Potter a run for its money—that's catering. Get your best (most glamorous) entertaining outfit on and prepare to host the party of the century, with the help of course of the best catering in Brisbane, which you'll find in the list below. 

For The Fancy Pants 


In a rather online-dating esque way, Gathar finds out what sort of event you want to do, what sort of food you need and even your budget and matches you with the perfect professional,  or as they like to put it—culinarian. From canapes to caviar, wine matching and even equipment, the team can add those special touches to make your culinary experience fabulous. You can even get your special person the gift of a luxury meal cooked at home with a private chef with a Gathar gift card. Brownie points plus 10. 

Dalton Catering 

These guys are go-to luxury catering aficionados—any and every event you could ever think of, Dalton Catering is ready to cater for. Think canapes, grazing tables, intimate shared table dining, fine dining, high teas, lunch and corporate catering, breakfast and even something they call a fire dome—an outdoor fire-pit grilling station that serves as entertainment for your guests and delicious grilled veggies and meats to boot. Within each of these categories lie more options like a live oyster shucking grazing tables or canapes from the farm (or sea, or garden for vegans). On top of all this (we told you they were pros) they can also supply and sling a mean cocktail. It's downright decadent. 

Cuisine On Cue

Cuisine On Cue is a breath of fresh air to the more civilian-esque party thrower—i.e you don't own 43 investment properties and just want a quality spread without breaking the bank. These guys do literally everything—you want a box of party pies or sandwiches? You got it. Bite-sized canapes served with style throughout a party? They can do it. A three-course dinner? Just pick your courses and leave the rest to them. We'll just list out the rest of their options or we'll be here for days: food stations and grazing tables, shared dining menus, buffets, conferences, breakfasts and more, for every occasion and every event.

Wine & Dine’m 

Okay, we have royalty in the house. Wine & Dine’m has not only been around for more than 20 years, but has also won over 10 awards for their exceptional catering. The team is super passionate about taking events to the next level and their extensive and utterly delicious menus are a testament to this—you can even request a menu tasting so everything’s perfect for that special day. Amazingly, they also have heaps of drop-off options at lots of different price points so you’re sure to find the perfect option. 

Chez Nous 

The Jills of all trades at Chez Nous are truly your one-stop-shop for everything special occasion. Starting with a budget, the team can create a custom menu, organise the venue, photography and videography, invitations, flowers, cakes AND style the whole thing. With an impressive seven page menu with delectable eats and location connections like The Joinery at West End, you are sure to be not only taken care of, but be the topic of the group chat for at least the next three months. 

Philip Johnson Catering 

The hoards of reviews that Philip Johnson Catering catering has acquired over their 20 years of operating is truly proof that they are in the big leagues. The gallery on their website is honestly hard to believe, the food looks so perfect that it really does leave you gobsmacked. From plated menus to canapes and share plates, you're sure to get restaurant-quality food at your special day or even the comfort of your own home. Along with that 20 years of experience we were talking about, the team also boasts many awards, and of course a wide array of catering options for weddings, christmas, corporate and the most fancy-pants private function that you'll ever throw. 

Holistic Hospitality 

Some excellent greenies have put together Holistic Hospitality—your go-to catering with a side of environmental consciousness. The gang gives not-for-profit organisations a discounted rate on their delicious spreads, and said spreads come in fully biodegradable packaging. They also prepare food in order to reduce equipment usage and storage needs, grow their own herbs and vegetables, use paper products that are recycled or sourced from sustainable forestries AND make sure food scrapping is composted back into their gardens. Guilt free snacking and schmoozing if we ever did see it. 

Garnishes Catering 

Garnishes Catering has been around since 1980, when it was started by foodie icon Spiro Levanes—it has since been taken over by a new team, but current owners husband and wife Chris and Sarah Stowe and business partner Glenn Jones have been running things for 19 years now, so you can be assured they really know what they're doing. Having won multiple awards for their culinary arts, they can cater for everything from weddings and cocktail parties to conferences and working lunches—if you attend a function at the University of Queensland or the State Library you'll most likely be fed by Garnishes. Whatever your vision, they'll make it work, whether that's a buffet on a boat or wine and cheese in your backyard. They can even take care of the drinks—so start planning here

For Something Different

Spanish Paella 

Imagine this:  the light summer breeze wafts aromas from a giant pan that smells so good it's almost hypnotic. No, you're not in Spain, the legends from Spanish Paella are just catering your event. Let the Spanish professionals wow your guests with a hearty and filling feast that is sure to fuel them up for the night's debauchery ahead. With more than three flavours to choose from (even a vegan option, wow) and the entertainment factor of watching the pros at work right in front of you, your event is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

Low N Slow Meat Co. 

Now y’all know we have a soft spot for slow-cooked meat. Its tender deliciousness can be absolutely inhaled at any time of the year and amazingly, at any occasion. Enter: Low n Slow Meat Co. Call up the legends for all your meat, quick and easy sides, burger packs, charcuterie and all the sauces you could ever think of. The real star of the show though, is That BBQ Joint, Low n Slow’s food truck. Imagine the team slinging eats like fall-off-the-bone-tender pork ribs, or the crowd-fave brisket and all the meat rolls you could ever think of out of their truck, conveniently parked on the skirts of your event. Amazingly, they even have a vego halloumi option.


Ok so here's something you don't see every day—not a food truck, but a food combi. Specifically, a pizza combi. Yep, our ears pricked too. Pizzantica roams around with a woodfired pizza oven mounted atop the tray of a combi van. The vehicle itself is a marvel in its own right, but the pizza is what coaxes guests off the dancefloor. Sometimes when people’s feet are hurting from their heels and the bubbly is well and truly flowing, the mini canapes of roe and cream cheese just don't cut it. In that instance, everything fades away and something like the prosciutto crudo pizza is the only thing for it—think tomato, mozzarella, parmesan, prosciutto and rocket atop a bubbly woodfired base. Drunk feast: unlocked.

The Bun Mobile

A bao bun catering food truck. What an absolute dream. Why did we just picture having bao buns at our actual wedding—and frothing it? Once again we are amazed by hospo peeps and their bloody good ideas, and one that takes the cake is The Bun Mobile. Book them and feed your guests mouthwatering buns like the pork bun with twice-cooked pork, hoisin sauce, sakura pickled cucumber and shallot batons or the chicken bun with chargrilled teriyaki chicken, slaw with julienne carrot and mint, Japanese mayo and lashings of hoisin sauce. So drool-worthy, and roves of people seem to agree with us—the reviews of The Bun Mobile are fives across the board. 

Say Cheese

Ok: Grazing boats. Yep, that's the whole first line. What is this you ask? Well, you're better off asking the legends at Say Cheese Brisbane, who have created a solution to standing around at a party holding a singular piece of salami. Inside little paper boats, sits your own portable mini charcuterie board with all the usual offenders on-site. They also do sweet and savoury platter boxes and grazing tables that are downright editorial. All you need to do is have a stalk of their Insta and we are sure you’ll be booking the goods that very same day. 

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