Brisbane’s Best Doughnuts | 2015 Edition

By AJ James
12th Apr 2015

Once upon a time the only doughnuts we were privy to were very sad morsels of complex carbohydrates. 

They were found in badly lit food courts and came to us as a ball of stodgy dough pumped out via machine into a vat of non descript (probably rarely changed) cooking oil, then thrown through heavy amounts of unseasoned sugar.  

However (#thankf&ck), those days are long gone for they’ve been replaced through the toils of our city’s newest breed of doughy contenders. They are glory worthy, crave inducing and more akin to what you’d find in an NYC bakery, over something H. Simpson would gleefully eat in his control room. 

Here’s to that. Let’s salute Brisbane’s newfound delicious doughnut havens. 

Doughnut Time

Fortitude Valley

It would be remiss not to name a place that communicates a certain point in time should be allocated to the consumption of doughnuts. Particularly when the consumption of said doughnuts are ones that come topped with bacon and another named after Russel Crow. Delicious intriguing. Well played Doughnut Time.

Flour & Chocolate


Two words. Heck yes. Placing aside that they also create cardiac inducing cronuts, Flour & Chocolate's standard raspberry jam filled one is a true delight. Gorgeously plump, powdery and soft. 



With a dusting of cinnamon spiked sugar, and a dark sticky house made jam (blackberry, is that you?) these are a goody! Brewbakers have their doughnuts, (and the whole bakery operation) down to a fine art. 

Gramercy Coffee

Brisbane CBD

Lord, give me strength. The custard they put inside the doughnuts at Gramercy is seriously lush. Custard is sadly under rated. There should be more custard in the world.

Divine Doughnut


The doughnuts from this food stall are, as you’d expect, divine. They’re also a little crisp on the exterior which is very much a pleasant addition a scene that is strong with pillowy soft versions. Divine Doughnuts do little ones too. And if you ask nicely you can have some strawberries and cream! 



Coeliacs, rejoice! You can now devour doughnuts too thanks to this roving food stall that are gluten free and organic (high energy treats are better for you when they’re organic you see). Nodo are baker, rather than fried, and stocked in some of the best Brisbane cafes (Press, Dovetail on Overend, etc). 

Chocolate Komberry Co.


Home to Brisbane’s syringe spiked cruffin (croissant-muffin) and cronuts (croissant-donut), Chocolate Komberry Co. are breaking hearts with their doughnut offering, and with a new doughnut-y food truck in the works, only going to break more.

Want more of the best bakeries in Brisbane? Search 'Bakery' in our Directory!

Image credit: Doughnut Time

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