Slurp Up A Steaming Hot Bowl Of Brisbane’s Best Pho

By Urban List Writers
25th Jun 2020

two bowls of pho side by side

In our opinion you can’t beat a steamy, spicy bowl of Brisbane's best pho when you’re in need of some internal warming. Feeling sick? Pho is the answer. It’s cold? Pho. Hungover? Pho. This beefy Vietnamese noodle broth is like a big warm hug for your insides and cheap as chips, making it the OG cure-all dish for any occasion.

Thankfully, Brisbane’s Vietnamese food game is strong and we have a whole heap of good quality pho options that mean you can tap into this Vietnamese wonder soup wherever you are in town. 

Here's our roll call of where to get Brisbane's best pho (in no particular order, because how could we choose one over the other?).

Pho Queue


Pho Queue, with their tongue in cheek humour and traditional preparation, are up there with the best pho in Brisbane. The pho itself is rich, luxurious and tantalising, and you can choose rare or cooked beef, meatballs, brisket, bone marrow, beef rib or premium beef cuts to add to your soup. They also serve up Australia’s most expensive bowl of pho at $60 a pop—talk about fancy.

District 1

Fortitude Valley

With a multitude of different types of pho, including beef, spicy beef, chicken and crispy chicken, District 1 is leading the game in terms of pho variety. All their pho is made on aromatic stock, rice noodles and all the accompanying sides, all you need to do is pick your protein. 



With a restaurant overlooking the gorgeous hills of Paddington, Ngon dishes up a chef’s selection pho, which features a rich broth, thick cut noodles and vietnamese herbs, as well as tender beef cuts. We feel warmer just thinking about it.

Ben’s Vietnamese


Dishing up signature Chinese and Vietnamese dishes, Ben’s Vietnamese heroes their pho, which comes with chicken, beef, seafood or a combination of each. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, slurp up their chilli beef and pork or the special beef noodle soup. 

Pho City

Brisbane City

If the name Pho City doesn’t give you an idea of what kind of goods are being served, then cast your eye and taste buds toward their salty soups. Served with chicken, beef, meatballs or a combination of them all, Pho City’s pho is up there with the best in town. 

Pho An


For pho that has rare beef, well-cooked brisket, beef balls, fatty beef, drumsticks (and that’s not even all the options) Pho An will have you slurping on their hearty soup all day. Topped off with all the usual goods like noodles and herbs, the only trouble you’re gonna have is choosing which flavour. 

Chac’s Vietnamese


Chac’s Vietnamese dishes up every kind of beef noodle pho you could imagine, with sliced beef, brisket, tendon, tripe, beef balls, and then, for something different, some chicken noodle soup. We’re talking all the noodles, herbs and salty broth you could ask for. 

Pho Hien Vong Pasteur


For some of the most authentic Vietnamese noodle soup around, head to Pho Hien Vong Pasteur. You can kick back all the noodles, herbs and soups (with combination, beef, and chicken and beef flavours), and you can also add some of the more traditional (and adventurous) meats like chicken liver and beef mixing if you dare.

Mamma Do

Spring Hill

If flavoursome broth simmered for 12 hours and spruced up with noodles, rare blanched beef and beef brisket doesn’t get you drooling, we don’t know what will. Mamma Do knows exactly how to satisfy your pho cravings, and with add ons like egg, tripe, tendon and beef balls, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice. 


West End

Local favourites Trang are well known for the rice and noodle dishes they serve, but their pho is one of their underestimated specialities. Their broth is rich and warming, and all the add ons will keep you returning to Trang’s every day of the week. 

The Vietnamese

Fortitude Valley

With an extensive range of pho, The Vietnamese is pulling out all stops to make sure you get all the choices of the delicious soup. If you’ve got a craving for beef, pork, chicken or even duck noodle soup, The Vietnamese will kit you out with their umami goods, with all of the fresh sides. 

Tan Thanh


On the Southside, Tan Thanh in Inala is a big favourite for authentic, well-priced pho. The best bit? The fast service means that you can pop in and get a bowl of steaming hot beef or chicken noodle soup on the table in a matter of minutes.

Little Saigon Grill

Brisbane CBD

Pho is Little Saigon Grill’s house specialty, which is saying something because this little Vietnamese wonderland does everything well. Silky fresh rice noodles in a beef broth with your choice of toppings: that’s lunch done.

Van Vietnamese Restaurant


True Vietnamese food aficionados head straight to Van Vietnamese in Darra for an all out pho feast. These guys know what's up, dishing out big ole bowls of tasty and traditional pho with all the trimmings to warm your little heart.

Pho Hung


If you want a truly authentic bowl of pho, drop by Pho Hung in Sunnybank's main market square. This institution has rightly earned a reputation as one of Brisbane’s best purveyors of pho—super soothing on a cold night.

Red Lotus


The big brother restaurant of Café O Mai, Red Lotus in Annerley also packs a punch with their pho offering. The huge bowls mean you’ll never go hungry. May we suggest a counterpoint for Red Lotus’ warming pho? Their 'soda chanh' is a deliciously tangy Vietnamese lemon soda that sets off the soup nicely.

Vietnam Corner BBQ Restaurant


Another Sunnybank favourite, Vietnam Corner BBQ Restaurant is gloriously nondescript; grabbing a bowl of pho from Vietnam Corner BBQ Restaurant feels legit, and the authentic pho they’re dishing up is the real deal.

Café O Mai


Café O Mai in Annerley knows how to add a touch of luxe to pho. Using Cape Grim grass-fed black Angus in their beef pho and free range meat in their chicken pho, it’s a cut above. Vegetarians  are taken care of too: the pho with tofu, mushroom, carrot and Asian greens is a winner.

Quan Thanh

West End

A Brisbane Vietnamese restaurant with a good dose of laid back appeal, Quan Thanh’s pho bowls are the stuff of Brisbane soup legend. Known for pumping out a classic rendition of pho over many years, you can’t find a better option in town. Get you some.

Want more of the good stuff? Feast on Brisbane’s best banh mi here.

Image credit: Pho Queue 

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