Brisbane’s Best Yoga Studios To Chill Out In

By Juliette Steen
4th Dec 2015

Brisbanes best yoga studios

It’s 100% a fact that life is busy and stressful. Although it can help to daydream about escaping to the woods and growing a first-rate beard, or fleeing to Bali and living in a hut by the beach, sometimes it doesn’t quite cut it. Enter our old friend yoga, and more specifically, yoga you can chill out doing.

Once primarily known as “that movement thing hippies do”, yoga has evolved and become one of our go-to ways to relax, tone up and refresh. There’s hatha, hot yoga, vinyasa and Bikram, but if you’re looking to just chill out, yin yoga is the class for you. This restorative and meditative style of yoga is all about slowing down and switching off. And you don’t need to be able to touch your toes to feel the benefits.

To help you get there, we checked out the best yoga studios in Brisbane to chill out in. Namaste.

Zama Yoga Studio


Hidden away above a main street in Toowong, Zama Yoga Studio is a welcoming retreat from the bustling city life. The studio teaches all kinds of yoga, but for those looking to really unwind, their Yin Yoga class is the standout. The class is a slower practice with each relaxing pose being held for a longer time. With help from comfy bolster pillows, blankets and calming music, Zama’s Yin Yoga class brings you to a chilled out, meditative state of mind that lasts long after you leave the class.

Soho Yoga

Fortitude Valley

SoHo Yoga in Fortitude Valley is the perfect escape for Brisbane city dwellers to indulge a spot of zen. With its exposed timber beams and floors, dreamy artworks, sleek white walls and high ceilings, minimalistic greenery and modern Scandi-boho touches, Soho's space is optimised to promote feelings of serenity and calmness as soon as you enter.

Cultivate Calm Yoga

East Brisbane

Cultivate Calm Yoga studio is all about creating a space where you can reconnect with yourself, away from stresses and responsibilities. The studio’s Yin Yoga classes combines yogic breath techniques and relaxing poses with mindfulness and mediation, so you can walk away feeling calm and at ease.

My Health Yoga

New Farm

Feeling frazzled after a long day at work? Bliss out at My Health Yoga with their Yin Yoga class through long, slow, gentle yin postures. As you deepen into the postures, you’ll notice your mind shift its focus from the latest life drama and work pressures towards calmness and clarity.

Stretch Yoga

CBD & Holland Park

Stretch Yoga’s chilled out Deep Stretch class focuses on holding poses to relax the body’s tightest body parts, namely the hips, hamstrings, quads, backs and shoulders. Perfect for beginners, advanced yogis, athletes, and those staring at a computer screen all day (so basically all of us), the Deep Stretch class leaves your body and mind feeling nurtured and grounded.

Flex Hot Yoga

Norman Park

If you like warmer weather or are a person that gets cold easily, Flex Hot Yoga’s Yin Yoga is the class for you. With the room heated to a cosy 24-26˚C, the beginner-friendly restorative class focuses on relaxing poses to help relieve tension around joints and in those busy minds of ours.

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Image credit: Cultivate Calm Yoga

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