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Get A Cheesy Fondue Kit For These Cold Winter Nights Delivered Straight To Your Door

By Annie Berry
18th May 2021

fondue kit

Cheese always warms the heart, but when it’s melted over a hot flame and transforms into liquid magic, it just hits differently. It’s bound to have you changing your favourite season from summer to winter as you dip a fresh chunk of sourdough into the gooey, stringy goodness.  We have found a way you can do just this while wearing your cute fluffy slippers in the comfort of your own home. 

Mould, creators of the epic annual cheese festival and the cheese deliveries that got us all through lockdown, have just released a Fondue For Two Box, perfectly timed as those chilly nights start rolling in. It’s bound to warm you up while you snuggle into the couch, with the kit including Section 28 artisan cheese fondue mix and a jar of baby cornichons for dipping for just $35. No need for you to get out of those comfy flannelettes to go in search of fondue mix, they’ll deliver the kit straight to your door. All you need to do is have plenty of nibbles ready to dip into the melted, gooey cheese—crusty sourdough and steamed baby potatoes, anyone? You will also need your own fondue kit—this one from Salt & Pepper should serve you well.

That’s not quite enough to satisfy your cheesy dreams? Hear hear! Mould recognises that we don’t all like to deprive ourselves from indulging in an extra slab or two, so you can also throw in a chunk of Section 28 Tomme de Valle and Primavera for an additional $30. This isn’t just any old cheddar cheese though, Section 28 take pride in their produce, using the best alpine technique to craft Australian cheese straight from the Adelaide Hills.

So grab your cosiest pyjamas and snuggle up for a night of Swiss dreams—after you order your kit here.

If you want to keep it local, here’s where to buy gourmet cheese in Brisbane. 

Image credit: Mould 

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