Here’s Where To Shop Easy-To-Cook Feasts For Your Next Dinner Party

By Ranyhyn Laine – who always has time to go to breakfast, no matter how busy she is.

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Who doesn’t love a good dinner party, you ask? The host, of course. With shopping, prep, cooking, plating, and cleaning up, the picturesque dinner party aesthetic quickly transforms into chaos. It’s barely worth it if it’s a success, and meltdown inducing when it’s not.

What if we told you that you could host your dream aesthetic dinner party without the actual cooking part? Brisbane is home to a range of dinner-saving delis, restaurants, and grocers that serve up ready-to-eat homemade meals with minimum cooking required. 

Why cook when you can assemble and serve? Don’t worry, your culinary secrets are safe with us. Here's where to get a gourmet meal in Brisbane, no effort necessary.

The Stores Grocer 

West End 

Bringing together every aspect you need for a great dinner party is West End’s The Stores. First up, you can kick-off your night with a quick-assembled and oh-so-gourmet cheese platter sourced from their incredible cheese room, and maybe a platter of fresh prawns and oysters from the seafood section. Next, come in with a main of mouthwatering mixed mushroom, potato and brie lasagne served alongside a fresh Panzanella salad, and top it all off with a spectacular layered cake. With baked goods, salads, a well-stocked deli and plenty more, The Stores will ensure you impress your guests with the best ‘homemade’ goodies to ever leave your kitchen. If you do ever feel like cooking, there’s still no need to start from scratch—just chat to their in-house butcher for recommendations or grab some of their next-level fresh pasta.

New Farm Deli

New Farm

If you’re all about minimising the work and maximising the flavour, just hit up New Farm Deli a day ahead of the big event. They’ll supply everything you need for an Italian spread, from crab lasagnas and filled pastas to arancini balls and crumbed olives. Plus, you can order ahead for cheese towers (yeah, you read that right) gourmet salads, sliders and more. We suggest ordering a few cannoli for dessert—you can thank us later.

Pie Town

West End

For the love of pie and all that is flaky and golden, let Pie Town cater your next big cook-up. Their family-sized savoury pies will never disappoint, coming with various gluten-free and vegan options so that all your guests can enjoy them. We’re talking classics like beef mince and chicken pot pie as well as specialty deliciousness in the form of their cheesy cauliflower pie and infamous cheeseburger pie. Pre-order a savoury pie for dinner and swipe a cheeky sweet pie for dessert. We recommend the Aussie Crack Pie—go on, you deserve it.

Good Lookin' Rooster


There is no dinner simpler than the good ol’ roast chook and a load of sides. But instead of hitting the supermarket, head for Good Lookin’ Rooster and their rotisserie-roasted free-range chickens, sides and salads that are so much better. With corn on the cob, baby chat potatoes, homemade gravy, fresh rolls, and more roast dinner classics, hosting a stellar evening has never been easier.


Teneriffe, Red Hill and Camp Hill

For salads with serious wow-factor, stock up at Botanica. We know what you’re thinking… you don’t make friends with salad. While we would usually agree, Botanica takes eating your greens to a whole new level. They pack their healthy salads with delicious substance, with frequent ingredients being whole roast carrots, gourmet pumpkin, pearl barley, chickpeas, and dressings worth eating green for. To beef up your dinner party, you can always throw a few snags on the barbecue and let Botanica’s salad wizardry be the star of the show. 

Jocelyn's Provisions

Fortitude Valley, Albion and Camp Hill

We all know that Jocelyn’s Provisions is an institution as far as cakes and pastries go, but they have a strong savoury game too. For those of you who have been sleeping on their savoury side, it’s time to wake up and smell the lamb and rosemary pies. From family-sized Mediterranean tarts to a range of gourmet sausage rolls, sandwiches, and pies their flaky goodness is perfect for your next big event. Looking for something a little more substantial? Order ahead to pick up one of Jocelyn's weekly take-home meals which include mac and cheese pesto and classic lasagne. Select your preferred cake from their insta-worthy line-up for dessert and your dinner party is complete.

Cheeky Poke


When in doubt, throw a poke party. Cheeky Poke Bar (Greenslopes only) has started compiling make-your-own poke kits and we’re here for it. Simply order a box with your choice of fillings and either prepare perfectly assembled poke bowls for your guests ahead of time or let them load up for themselves. Dinner with a side of DIY? Yes please.

This Is Us


There’s something about well done homemade pizza that never fails to wow a crowd. Let’s be real though—who has the time and patience for all that kneading, stretching and proofing? This Is Us had that thought exactly, which is why they teamed up with Salt Meats Cheese to serve us hand-stretched gourmet pizzas, ready to whack in the oven. More favourites from this iconic Newstead deli include their vegan lasagnas and every ingredient you need to whip up a crowd-pleasing charcuterie board. 

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