Cracking Date Ideas That Aren’t Just Dinner & Drinks

By Kaitlyn Smith
9th Jul 2017

date ideas on the gold coast

Thanks to social media offering the in-your-face ability to gloat about basically anything (we’re pointing fingers at you #richkidsofinstagram), gone are the days where you could simply woo a significant other with a brew and a burger. Unless, of course, you’ve somehow magically teleported said date to one of Richard Branson’s many private islands.

Alas, if you’re stuck for date ideas that aren't just dinner and drinks or, oddly, can’t afford a private island, then these Gold Coast date options might suffice. 

Explore O’Reilly’s Treetop Walk

Go big or go home. Literally. Gawk your way through stunning canopies of overflowing giant trees covered by vines on O’Reilly’s Treetop Walk, all whilst you ponder whether your current companion is your soul mate. 

Join A Beginner Salsa Class 

What better way to win your love interest over than by showcasing your horrendous dance abilities? It’s definitely not going to get you a place on Dancing with the Stars but a session with Gold Coast Salsa might just dance your way into your partner’s heart.

Sign Up For Life Drawing Classes At Dust Temple

There’s always that one person who wants to get their kit off on the first date. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, your choice) chances are it won’t be you or your partner this time. So please, put on your shirt back on and grab your lover for a night you will not soon forget. Dust Temple holds life drawing classes every first and third Thursday of the month for $20 per person (BYO materials). 

Attempt Surfing Lessons

If you’re a rarity on the Goldy and find yourself not gifted with the ability to surf, then this date idea will be sure to cool the heat between two lovers. Whether you are a beginner or pro, a private surfing lesson is guaranteed for some laughs and a little cheeky competition. The view of the GC skyline in all its glory is also never guaranteed to up the romance levels either. Said no one, ever. 

Visit A Local Farm

Certain to make your new date swoon while you show your softer side, take them on a farm hopping expedition for sunflower selfies, u-pick veggies, rural views and soul-warming country air. We've done the hard work for you, with our wrap up of six local farms you can visit and all within easy driving distance of the Gold Coast. 

Give SUP’ing A Crack On Currumbin Creek

A little less challenging than surfing, but still resulting in equally as many laughs and use of coordination or, lack there of. With gear hired from Currumbin Boat Shed, a SUP date offers the added bonus of a good time without hurting the hip pocket. Looking for something closer to home? Check out more of the Coast’s best SUP spots here

Hike In The Hinterland

Chuck on that lycra active wear and show off your inner Bear Grylls, ‘cause the Gold Coast Hinterland offers the kinda stunning scenery one could only dream about when being wooed. Plus, if you happen to get lost overnight, at least you’ve got a cuddle buddy ready to go. Really want to make them sweat? Here's five mega mountain hikes within driving distance of the Gold Coast.

Hire A Private Gondola 

Why not trick your better half by blindfolding them and making them believe you’ve whisked them worlds away to Venice? Gold Coast Gondolas floats you around Marina Mirage with the option to BYO drinks or book a candle-lit dinner package. Some might consider it corny but heck, when in Rome, cough, Surfers.

Get Quizzical 

Knowledge is power, so show your date what you’ve got by hitting up one of the many trivia nights around the Coast. Wednesday night trivia goes off at Not Tonight or, if you’re hanging around Burleigh, Justin Lane's Wednesday night trivia is your best bet. 

Sunset Picnic At Burleigh Hill

Chances are you’ll probably be joining 1,200 other couples at this local fave, but a sunset picnic on Burleigh Hill is a sure-fire good time. If the date goes bust, fortunately you can always slide off into the water and wade back to Mermaid. Win win. 

Mini Golf At Mermaid Putt Putt

Like that annoying family member who’s always wasted at Christmas, this date idea is always sticking around. Mermaid Putt Putt has stood the test of time and delivers all aspects a chill date should offer; junk food, competition, laughter and solid ice-breaking potential for those awkwardly nervous first dates.

Romantic Stroll From Kirra To Snapper

The beaut Kirra to Snapper walk is so popular, chances are high you’ll run into a previous love interest you’ve already done this stroll with. No matter the time of day, it’s always a fun one. Stroll briskly or coo upon every baby in a pram.  

Fall In Love (With Puppies) At Currumbin Dog Beach

There’s no easier way to make a person happy than by surrounding them with millions of dogs. Science says they’re mood boosting, squeal inducing and offer a guaranteed success rate of getting a smooch on a first date. Okay, so we made that last bit up, but worth a try, right? 

Get Close At The Yatala Drive In

Normally we’re not one for movies on dates. But the beauty of this date night option is that you’re confined to a car and won’t be disrupting other viewers should the conversation really flow. Also, a seriously legit excuse for the classic yawn and reach around, al la Grease style. 

Hone Your Skills At A Cooking Class

We get it. The point of a date is to take out the unnecessary work while you enjoy yourselves. But, if you’re up to tackling a DIY dinner and building those culinary skills, then sign up to one of the many cooking classes offered around the Gold Coast. Our pick? Icon Cookery School has ample to choose from or re-enact Lady and the Tramp after a pasta (or pizza) making class at Salt Meats Cheese

Show Your Creative Side With A Workshop At The Craft Parlour 

Whether you’re vibing on watercolour painting, printmaking, pottery wheeling or embroidery (as all red-blooded males do) then make The Craft Parlour your next date option. Offering an array of workshops to put your hands to good use, you’ll be far too pre-occupied to be thinking about dinner and drinks. 

Defy Heights On A Q1 Skyclimb 

Not for the faint hearted, but sure to create a memorable first date, whisk your companion up to the 77th floor of the Q1 Hotel. Just make sure he or she isn’t deathly afraid of heights otherwise it’ll be memorable for all the wrong reasons. 

Tried these date ideas and ready to wow them with a fancy night out? We’ve rounded up seven of the best fine dining restaurants to treat your lover.

Image credit: Amy Higg for The Urban List 

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