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Load Up On The Gold Coast’s Best Hot Cross Buns This Easter

By Isabel Croker
14th Apr 2022

It’s that magical time of year where you can indulge in sweet, sweet chocolate for 24 hours and no one will judge you. It also means that hot cross bun season is upon us (our favourite season) and while supermarkets might have had hot cross buns on shelves since January, good things come to those who wait and, boy, we are ready for hot cross bun goodness.

Soft, pillowy buns. Full of lightly spiced fruit and decadently oozing chocolate. The perfect balance between pillowy and moist. Yes, we are describing our dream hot cross bun and yes, we are drooling. From the doughy to the buttery, the spicy to the sweet, we’ve done the hard work and hunted down the best hot cross buns on the Gold Coast to devour this Easter.

Paddock Bakery

Burleigh Heads

We have a longstanding love affair with Paddock Bakery, and when they whip out their straight-from-the-oven hot cross buns, they melt our hearts a little more. They’re keeping it simple with their sourdough OG fruit buns or Lindt milk chocolate buns and oh my, they’re simply perfect. Shiny, sweet, satisfying and perfect served with a generous helping of Pepe Saya cultured butter, it’s guaranteed you’re going to fall in love (and keep coming back for more).

Cubby Bakehouse


Good news for our southern friends—Cubby Bakehouse is dropping more baked goodness in the form of their delicious sourdough hot cross buns. Full of fruit and the perfect balance between pillowy and moist, these beauts are perfect for toasting or take it to the next level with their decadent french toast hot cross bun. Best of all, you can score major brownie points and pre-order your Cubby hot cross buns to pick up fresh so you can enjoy them fresh at home, slathered with butter, of course. These guys were recently affected by the devastating floods, so it's important we show them love more so now than ever before.

Burleigh Baker

Burleigh Heads

This much-loved Burleigh gem is churning out their rightfully famous traditional hot cross buns fresh every day and it would be rude not to try them. If the mouth-watering smell isn’t enough to convince you, Burleigh Baker’s buns are made using a brioche sourdough which requires 36 hours of fermentation, free-range eggs, organic raisins and are completely free of preservatives. The first bite (and every bite thereafter) offers up a melting pot of fruity flavours and dense, buttery dough. It’s so moist you don’t even need to schmear it in butter (but we highly recommend it). 

Bam Bam Bakehouse

Mermaid Beach

Every Easter the talented crew at this Mermaid Beach eatery whip up some seriously delicious eats in their pastry kitchen and this year they have not disappointed. As expected, Bam Bam Bakehouse is taking things to the next level with their magic hot cross buns. Make the tough choice between maple-drenched hot cross bun french toast, soft classic fruit buns or their creme-filled bombs of deliciousness which ooze custard from the centre. Or don’t make the choice and just order them all.

Custard Canteen

Palm Beach

Famed for their incredible Portuguese custard tarts, Custard Canteen knows a thing or two about baking, and yes, they are certainly up there as producing some of the Gold Coast’s best hot cross buns. Fluffy and pillowy, stuffed with just the right amount of juicy fruit and baked daily, they’re perfect for toasting and slathering in butter. Secure your spot as the favourite family member and pre-order fresh hot cross buns to pick up over the Easter weekend—it doesn't get much better than this.

Marie Anita’s

Mermaid Beach

For the ever-increasing number of gluten-free folk among us, you do not have to miss out on the joys of baking—or Easter for that matter—because Marie Anita’s are bringing you the goods. This is where honest flavours and healthy foods are in abundance. Marie Anita’s hot cross buns are completely free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar as well as being organic and vegan—yep, it’s a miracle they taste the way they do. With a background in artisan baking, the buns are certainly free of nasty preservatives and additives too, and we can safely say it’s ok to devour them to your heart’s content. We’ll take three.

5B2F Bakehouse


52BF Bakehouse never does anything unless it’s done perfectly. So, of course, they produce some of the tastiest and best looking hot cross buns around. Dive into the soft, milky bun, full of fruit that has been marinated in port wine and you’ll be hooked. Lightly spiced and pleasantly fruity, they’re absolutely worth the jaunt to the north end of town and we guarantee one bite of these buns will have you coming back for more. Drool.

Fuel Bakehouse

Currumbin Waters

The talented bakers at this Currumbin favourite have brought so much sweet deliciousness into our lives, so when we heard they’re slinging up their drool-worthy hot cross buns, our day got a whole heap better. If you tend to go for choccy buns over the original version, Fuel Bakehouse’s chocolate-studded hot cross buns  might be for you or stick to the classics with their lighter-than-air semi-sourdough fruit buns. You’ll walk away with at least a dozen buns (maybe two), trust us. 

If you’re looking to indulge in more chocolate-filled Easter deliciousness, we recommend checking out our personal favourites—Baked at Ancora, The Bread Social and Tarte Bakery & Cafe. They’ve got you covered with decadently naughty and oh-so-delicious baked goods to satisfy all of your sweet cravings.

Image credit: Ben Tyres

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