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11 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend

By Mona Chatskin - 30 Jun 2016

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This weekend Melburnians, along with the rest of ‘Straya are lodging their votes for our next Prime Minister. But we’re positive there are more exciting things to do than your average sausage sizzle. From graffiti classes to ramen eating competitions, here’s a list of things to do this election weekend in Melbourne.

All Weekend

Final Frontier Festival

The Final Frontier Festival is here to bring out our inner geek. This one is for every space-lover, be it sci-fi enthusiasts or tech savvy entrepreneurs. The festival’s highlight is the Friday night space gala! There’ll be space conferences, and a bunch of guest speakers to keep you entertained. Although this space fest might sound a little amateurish, be asured that some of the industry’s most important issues will be discussed. From NASA to gender equality, the Final Frontier Festival has everyone’s interests covered. 

The Truffle Shuffle

Truffle season is here folks, and the South Melbourne Market knows how to make the most of these precious, black gems. Georgie’s Harvest will bring you the very best truffles in the biz. There’ll also be recipe cards and hot tips scattered across the markets to help you make the most of their deliciousness. Time to do the truffle shuffle, ladies and gents. 

Thursday 30th

Pino and Duck Dinner

David’s Restaurant is hosting a mouth-watering three course meal with seven boutique pino noir wines to get us through to the weekend. Wine expert Bela Rice will be here to answer any of your vino questions, and will recommend the best wine for each course. The entire menu will be based around – yep you guessed it – juicy, delicious duck. Roast duck dumplings, duck spring rolls, stir-fried duck, spiced duck leg, and succulent peking duck (obvs). David’s can suit most of your dietary requirements, making sure it’ll be a night you won’t forget. Unless of course you overdo it on the wine. Deets here

Friday 1st

Intercontinental Graffiti Classes

Running out of date ideas during the winter chill? Don’t stress, we’ve found just about the most Melbourney idea out there. And if you don’t have a significant other, take your mates along for the ride. Book yourself in to a room in one of Melbourne’s oldest buildings for your Friday night, and spend the following day tagging a secret laneway! I mean really, does it get more Melbourne than that? If you’re not so confident in your painting skills – don’t stress, the Blender team has you covered. They’ll teach you how to stencil and spray in the Intercontinental’s very own secret laneway. There’s a maximum of 20 guests per class, so grab a room to make sure you snag a spot

Friday Nights At The NGV

To celebrate the opening of the Degas exhibit, Friday nights at the NGV are kicking off yet again! Enjoy art to the backdrop of some live music, food and dranks. This is the biggest exhibition of Degas ever in Aus, and will feature over 200 of his pieces. It’s a perfect way to get cultured and have a boogy while you’re at it. 

Saturday 2nd

2016 City Cellar Door at Cumulus Up.

Celebrating the first Saturday of each month in boozy style, Cumulus Up. is selling wines at cellar door prices to the public. This Saturday, there’ll be wines featured from the Macedon Ranges. To make sure you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach, a whole pig will be roasted for you. Because really, what better combination than tasty pork rolls and vino? This is a free public event, so say cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Suss it out here

Market Mashup with Hank Marvin and The Creators Market

This is the second last week that the Market Mashup is on! The Hank Marvin Market and The Creators Markets are dishing out the goods yet again this weekend. This is the perfect place to channel your love for street food and creative bits and bobs. Come load up on kimchi fries from Gorilla Grill, or some finger lickin’ toasted sandwiches from Toasta. Finish off by scavenging the markets for a creative gem. 

Seafood Wine Lunch

Richmond Oysters knows how to make us nostalgic for those summer days. Why, a seafood fiesta of course! Just like the Pino and Duck at David’s, Bela Rice is back yet again with another three course menu. But this time, we are taking a stroll down to seafood wonderland. From oysters, to mussels, to scallops and crabs, Richmond Oysters guarantees you a hearty feast. This lunch takes seafood nek level, and we’re sure you’ll be rolling out of there.

Coopers Vintage Dinner at the Belgian Beer Café

If you love your beer, let the Belgian Beer Café treat you to 5 years of Coopers vintage ale. These frothy pints will be served with a four course dinner, and also celebrate the release of their new 2016 ale. Andrew Clark, the ambassador of Cooopers brewery, will be hailing from Adelaide to answer all your ale queries. We're frothing for the froth! Book tickets here

Sunday 3rd

Tokyo Tina Slurp

Tokyo Tina has dedicated an entire month to the holy noodley grail – ramen. This month of deliciousness is ending with a bang…a ramen eating competition at 4pm hosted by Yan the Drag Queen! The winner will get to take home $100 vouchers to Hanoi Hannah, Saigon Sally and (of course) Tokyo Tina. Better yet, the winner of the Tokyo Trip will also be announced. We can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend than slurping on a hot bowl of steaming ramen – yum yum.

Winter Design Market

The Winter Design Market is back at Fed Square and will feature over 75 stalls for you to scavenge and explore. For some of Melbourne’s best creative goods and craftsmanship, this market is the place to be. Discover jewellery, food, fashun and nifty homewares. We’re sure you’ll nab a bargain here! The markets will run from 10am-4pm at the atrium in Fed Square – so we’ll see you there.

Image Credit: David's Restaurant 

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