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22 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend In Melbourne

By Johanna Meka - 21 Sep 2017


We double checked with Jane Bunn, and it turns out that glowing orb in the sky is actually this thing called THE SUN. It heats our planet and is responsible for all life. Amazing the things you learn in a Melbourne spring. And to celebrate the return of our favourite burning gas thing, Melbourne is putting on a hell of a show. Harry Potter movie marathons (Bring a pillow, Sirius-ly), edible pandas (we'll explain) and an epic vintage warehouse sale. No excuse for Netflix and couch forts this weekend, no sir.

Ready Melbourne? Here's all the good stuff happening over the weekend.

All Weekend

Spring Summer Workshops At Eastland 

Fashion, fitness and beauty. Three things that – let’s be honest – we all need help with. Eastland have rallied some of our fav influencers this weekend, and they will be teaching us how to do a wingeeyelinerer with confidence. Oh, and how to workout like a model, and wear a statement fascinator for the races. Did we mention that Rozalia Russian, Brooke Hogan, Bonnie Gilles and Jessie Murphy will be your teachers? Yeah, pretty cool right. And they’re even allowing you to get an Insta pic with them at a meet and greet. Best part is, it’s free.

Where: Eastland Shopping Centre
When: Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September, 11am – 4pm
For more info click 

Meat-Free Week

All meat eaters, listen up. We're sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But all those double bacon burgers and dirty dogs may be catching up to you. This is your chance to give up meat for a week, for a good cause. Hellenic Republic are swapping lamb for lentils on their menu, to raise money for Bowel Cancer Australia (along with a bunch of other pro-veggie restaurants). So, if you’re wanting to get a super delicious meal and help researches put an end to bowel cancer, step away from the snags. 

Where: Hellenic Republic, Kew, Brunswick and Williamstown
When: Monday 18 – Sunday 24 September, various times.
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Vinomofo Wine Warehouse Sale 

Wanna be poppin’ bottles at a pop-up? We’ve found just the place. This weekend Vinomofo are giving Melbourne mofos a wine lovers' dream. International wines from around the world will be sold from their weekend only warehouse for cheaper than you’re UberEATS. And if you weren’t already sold at cheap quality wine, then we’ve got your golden ticket: Vinomofo are getting all Willy Wonker on us and hiding Elton John concert tickets in cases of wine each day (!!) So potentially getting a Shiraz and show in one. Let’s just take a moment of appreciation.

Where: Vinomofo – 339 Bridge St, Port Melbourne
When: Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September, 10am – 4pm
For more info click, 

Melbourne Vintage Warehouse Sale 

There's no denying that most of us are suckers for vintage goods. It’s pretty cool to own something that has most likely, been around for longer than you. If wearing your mums leather jacket from the 80s is your type of cool (we won’t judge) then The Melbourne Vintage Warehouse is the place to be this weekend. They’re having a sale on all their vintage, retro and industrial goods: fashion, homewares, furniture, you name it. Your purchases will be that good, you’ll be sending them straight to the pool room.

Where: 33-37 Stewart St, Brunswick
When: Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September, 8am – 5pm
For more info click, 

QV Fresh Take

Oh Spring, glorious Spring. The sun is shining and our bodies are awakening from hibernation (Jon Snow, winter is no longer coming). It’s a perfect time to get outside, and what better way to do that than hula hooping on a rooftop. QV Melbourne are funking up our weekend with everything from free massage yoga to schnitzel workshops. This weekend the QV square will be transformed into an epic arena. Maybe a relaxing Sunday Picnic after dominating in the pop-up basketball game might be more your thing...

Where: QV Square, Melbourne
When: Monday 18 September – Friday 29 September, various times.
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Royal Melbourne Show 

Cue the clowns, coasters and Dagwood dogs, because the Royal Melbourne Show is coming to town this weekend. Let’s face it, no matter how old you get the show will always be super exciting. You’ll end up buying heaps of show bags because you can’t choose one, carb loading on potato on a stick and sh**ing yourself on the ghost train. But for some reason it’s all excused because well, you’re at the goddam Show! We’ve already had the extremely difficult task of reviewing the best show bags of the bunch. That’s just the nice type of people we are. Our top pick? Gotta be Bertie Beetle.

Where: Melbourne Showgrounds
When: Saturday 23 September – Tuesday October 3, 9.30am – 9pm
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Showko: Absolutely Normal 

Get ready to be let into the quirky and hilarious world of Showko. The Fringe festival brings the best to Melbourne and trust me, she’s one of a kind. The Japanese comedian will mix stand-up and ventriloquism to tell stories of her slightly odd childhood. Who better to tell your personal stories than a puppet, right? (Remember, don’t look it in the eye).

Where: Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club – Son of Loft
When: Saturday 23 September, 6.30pm and Sunday 24 September, 5.30pm
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A Bit Na Ta Exhibition

If you and history go together like wine and cheese then we’ve found a new art exhibition for you. This Friday the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre will take you back to Papua New Guinea’s independence...but in super cool way. Our nearest neighbour’s history will be told through a soundscape, featuring music from internationally renowned singer George Telek and a local musician, David Birdie. Forget starring at art on the wall, this exhibition is saaa avant garde.

Where: Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre – Melbourne Museum 
When: Friday 22 September 2017 – Sunday 4 February 2018, 10am – 5pm 
For more info click 

VJunior Cinema At Westfield Knox

They've tried it in Southland and Fountaingate, and now Village Cinemas are bringing the VJunior experience to Westfield Knox. What is VJunior? It's like a movie theatre designed by kids, for kids. Think modified lighting and volume, a range of kid-friendly seating, shorter pre-show, beanbag seats, intermission for the longer movies, plus a giant in-cinema slide! Get the rugrats along, plonk them in front of the big screen, then indulge in some much needed Knox retail therapy. 

Where: Westfield Knox
When: Open as of right now
For more info, click here

Edible Pandas At New Shanghai 

Okay that's a click-baitey title. They are pandas, but they're made from chocolate. The guys at Luxebite have teamed up with New Shanghai in Chaddy to release an exclusive panda-themed dessert. A chocolate tart filled with dark chocolate ganache, toasted black and white sesame, milk chocolate crunch and white chocolate mousse that tastes even better than it looks (and it looks like a panda, so you can imagine...) You can get it right now, but only at New Shanghai in Chaddy.

Where: New Shanghai, Chadstone Shopping Centre
When: Available all weekend
For more info, click here

Saturday 23 September

Happy Potter Movie Marathon At The Astor

There are some moments in life where we are speechless. This my friends, is one of those times. Because the Astor Theatre is showing a 24-hour Harry Potter movie marathon this weekend! Expect cosplay, giveaways and as much Wingardium Leviosa as you can handle. They’re even going to show ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. To think that somebody could be so kind…

Where: Astor Theatre, Melbourne
When: Saturday 23 September 11am – Sunday 24 September 11am
For more info click 

Oktoberfest At The Royal Exhibition Building

Grab your sauerkraut, schnitzels and sausages, because it’s time to get your German on. Oktoberfest is coming to Melbourne this Saturday. If we know one thing it’s that Germans love to drink beer. Why wouldn’t they? They’re good at it! And this weekend there'll be 50 different types to choose from. Make your fellow Aussies proud and show everyone what beer belly and Bunnings snag-loving people we really are. See, we’ve got a lot more in common with the German folk than you thought.

Where: Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne
When: Saturday 23 September, 12pm – 5pm and 6:30pm – 11:30pm
For more info click 

Eynesbury Regional Taste Festival 

As Melbournians, we are proud to say that our state has some of the best produce in the country. It’s nothing personal Sydney, we’re just better than you (burnnn). This Saturday in Eynesbury is your chance to hold on to those bragging rights. Think food trucks, wine, beer, local produce, chocolate and stuff for kids. The Regional Taste Festival will even have live music. So, you can put your feet up, sip on a wine and let your haters rely in it (*cough, cough, Sydney*).

Where: The Homestead at Eynesbury
When: Saturday 23 September, 11am – 10pm 
For more info click 

Sunday 24 September

Belleville’s Southern Fried Sundays

Let’s face it, eating a smashed avo when you’re hungover on a Sunday ain't that appetising. But painting sauce onto fried chicken waffles…now we’re talking. Finally, somewhere that understands our fried food fetish and butter craving bellies after getting lit on a Saturday (bless their souls). Belleville are giving us the proper brunch we deserve, serving southern style spreads for breakfast. Fried chicken, garlic bread, roast potatoes and ranch dip. I don’t think we’ve said anything more beautiful before (cue belly rumble).

Where: Belleville – Globe Alley, Melbourne
When: Sunday 24 September, 11:30am – 5:30pm
For more info click 

Children’s Party Convention

Have you ever wondered what our country would be like if it were run by children? Maybe we’d have Lego swimming pools and Frozen shown on repeat (God that sounds amazing...) The Children’s Party are standing for the latter and showing us old folk that they should be taken seriously in Australian politics. The pint-sized politicos are hitting the campaign trail this Sunday. If you want to be absolutely blown away at how an 8-year-old can have a higher IQ than you, then there’s no other place to be (warning, enter at your own risk).

Where: Arts House – North Melbourne Town Hall
When: Sunday 24 September, 4pm
For more info click 

Vegas Night At The Everleigh

A 1960s Vegas-themed birthday bash at one of the hottest cocktail bars in town? We're there, baby. The Everleigh is celebrating its 6th bday in style this weekend, with a night of theatrical celebrations, Sinatra on the jukebox, drink specials and Marlene Dietrich dress-ups (if you don't know who that is, get Googling). The event is 100% FREE, but you know it's gonna get slammed. Better RSVP now to secure your spot. 

Where: The Everleigh 
7pm, Sunday 24 September
For more info, click here

For The Diary

Great Victorian Bike Ride

Are you one of those people that eats a block of chocolate while wishing you could run further than to your fridge and back? Or maybe you are that crazy fit person who goes to the 6am spin class. Either way, Victoria’s bicycle network has organised a bike ride for you in November. Explore what our beautiful countryside has to offer, over either a three, five or nine-day ride. There’ll be plenty of selfie op’s along the way #priorities.

Where: Wilsons Prom - Gippsland
When: Saturday 25 November – Sunday 3 December, various times
For more info click 

Moments of Beauty

There’s something equally beautiful as it is painful about watching our youngsters doing better than we are. But we’re too busy with adult things, right? Like wine drinking and Netflix watching. But if you can close the laptop lid for one night between September and October, you won’t be disappointed. The Melbourne Youth Orchestra will hold a series of surprise events called the Moments of Beauty (even the name’s impressive). They’ll play symphonies to commemorate 50 years of their Orchestra. They’re cute and smart, goddam.

Where: State Library of Victoria
When: Wednesday 27 September – Sunday 29 October, various times
For more info click 

Red Spice Road’s 10th Birthday

Did someone say birthday bash? Oh, hang on, did someone say Asian hawker market inspired birthday bash? You had us at hello. Red Spice Road are celebrating their double digits with anybody and everybody. There'll be a DJ spinning discs (so indie), food street carts, booze stands and crazy entertainment. If you’re thinking of getting lit AF on a Thursday then you’ve found the right place.

Where: Red Spice Road, Melbourne
When: Thursday October 12, from 6pm
For more info, click 

Fulcrum’s Pop-Up Degustation Dinner

If you classify yourself as a Melbourne foodie and haven’t heard of Fulcrum then you can retract that title real quick. Chefs Chris Henderson and Jamie Chadwick have created a monthly dining experience that gets weird and wonderful. From some of the country’s finest wine to freshly baked sourdough, these guys know their stuff. Take it from me, you better get in quick. The next pop-up dinner is this Monday night.

Where: Rivers Edge Events, 18/38 Siddeley St, Melbourne
When: Monday 25 September, 6:30pm – 10:30pm
For more info, 
click here.

Scotch Tasting At Circa

Pop this one in the diary right freaking now. You don't wanna miss it. Following a string of sell-out spirit inspired dining events, Circa, The Prince is hosting an exclusive Scotch tasting night with the guys from Dewar. We're talking a personal collection of over 60 rare single malts, all the way from the Highlands to Speyside. Head Chef, Shaun Haggarty, has even composed an enticing four-course menu to complement the tasting notes of each whisky. Classy AF, right?

Where: Circa, The Prince
7pm, Thursday 12 October
For more info, click here

Champagne Evening At Alfred Place

The Rockpool Dining Group is hosting what could be the classiest evening ever conceived by man. A 'Champagne Evening' at Alfred Place, with over 60 of the world's best bubbles up for tasting, including Bollinger, Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Taittinger, Louis Roederer, Ruinart and Billecart Salmon, plus some smaller producers like Larmandier Bernier, Chartogne-Taillet and Agrapart & Fils. Divine, darling. Tickets are $150 a head, so pony up and get chugging.

Where: Alfred Place, 7 Alfred Pl, CBD
6:30pm, Wednesday 11 October.
For more info, click here

It bears repeating: Belleville is launching Sunday fried chicken sessions this weekend! Finger lickin' good. 

Image credit: New Shanghai 

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