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By Stefanie Reilly
16th Dec 2014

When Remo Nicolini decided to open A25 Pizzeria on Chapel Street, the sister venue to Docklands restaurant Non Solo Pasta, he had one purpose in mind: make it fun, young, different, fast and fresh. Okay so maybe that’s five purposes, but as soon as you step inside this uber-contemporary southside pizza restaurant, you’ll see it’s actually quite possible to roll them all into one! From the illuminated ‘pizza is sexy’ sign, to the humourous and slightly risqué quotes on the toilet walls, A25 is a cheeky throwback to ex-Italian president Silvio Berlusconi and his (cough cough) risqué sexual escapades.

We had the pleasure of meeting Nicolini and his passionate staff at A25 Pizzeria and, let’s just say these guys aren’t afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to pizza—or anything on their larger than life menu—and that’s perfectly fine with us!

So how exactly is A25’s pizza so damn sexy? Well it starts with Southern Italian-grown tomatoes, locally made fresh mozzarella, and soft wheat flour, then it’s all about variety! Hit the pizza section and you’ll find 5 Pizze Rosse (tomato sauce based), 5 Pizze Bianche (cheese based), and 5 Pizze Pazze (crazy pizzas) to really give your tastebuds a work out. Sure, you’ll find mouth-watering classics like the Margherita (to-die-for) and the Capricciosa (nom), but that’s where the normality ends —at A25 it’s all about experimentation (and beautiful edible flowers, let’s not forget those edible flowers)!

If you’re adventurous, get the party started with the L.S.D and go where no man has ever gone before. This amazing concoction is the perfect amalgamation of a fior di latte base with cream of dates, topped with yummy berkshire sausage, radicchio, pecorino shavings and wait for it…licorice dust! We’re not sure how they get the perfect blend of savoury and sweet, but my god this is something you gotta try! Then there’s Nicolini’s favourite: the Pink Lady. Sink your teeth into roasted potato, fior di latte and buffalo ricotta, topped with FRESH RASPBERRIES, mint, black sea salt and pepper. I know, right? #Raspberriesonapizza. Another showstopper is the Black Squid Ink Pizza —yep boys and girls the base is all black here, and a definite must-have for all you seafood lovers out there!

You won’t find a single pizza on the menu over $16—it’s all about being accessible, just like how you eat pizza in Italy. While the pizzas might be slightly smaller in size than your average pizza restaurant, the toppings are definitely more plentiful, so you’re always going to leave 100% full and satisfied—we can promise you that! Plus there’s a great selection of gluten-free bases and pastas supplied by Ardor Food Co’s amazing artisan flour, which tastes EXACTLY like wheat. In fact, you might not even believe that it isn’t wheat, but it is. That’s also a promise.

While A25 is dishing up some of Melbourne’s best pizza, we definitely also have to make mention of the amazing selection of cured meats proudly displayed in the kitchen display cabinet. Prosciutto, mortadella, salami… and the list goes on. Stop in for a mixed board of cured meats, cheeses and Italian preserves before you embark on your mammoth Italian feast. Oh, and make sure you give the Italian Summer Salad a try, too. This baby is freessssshhhh! Think watermelon, roma tomatoes, toasted almonds, buffalo cheese and basil—delish.

There’s also a killer wine list with a great selection of Italian wines and aperitifs to, you know, get you in the mood, plus a pretty awesome dessert menu to boot. Blueberry and Rosewater Pannacotta with Persian fairy floss anyone? Um, yes.

Remo Nicolini might be the brother of Tony Nicolini from the ever-popular D.O.C, but A25 Pizzeria proves he needs no formal introduction. In short: he’s got this. 

Start your love affair with A25 tonight at 5pm when they open their doors to the public. For now they’ll only be dishing up their dinner menu, but visit in Jan to try brekkie and lunch too.

A25 Pizzeria | 720 Chapel Street, South Yarra

Image Credits: Nick West

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