18 Best Op Shops In Melbourne For 2023

By Ioana Dragnef
2nd Apr 2023


It may be over 10 years since the song came out, but we’ll never forget the poetic words of Macklemore - “one man’s trash is another man’s come up”. And heading into the layer-heavy autumn and winter seasons, Macklemore's 2012 rumination still has some underrated merit. There will be two distinct camps: the spenders and the spendthrifts, and the cunning ones will harness the musky, eclectic glory of the op shop to safeguard their pennies and rock some vintage drip.

Get a fur coat on and let the crawl commence—these are some of the best Op Shops in Melbourne for 2023:



There’s no other way to put it - Goodbyes is like Depop irl. Go in, give up the pieces that you just don’t wear anymore but know they’re still worth sometime to someone, and profit once it’s been bought. Goodbyes is rack after rack of pre-loved items, all from your local community. The team have a sharp eye for things they think will sell, so you’re probably gonna find your next statement piece among the aisles, making Goodbyes one of the best op shops Melbourne has to offer. 



There’s nothing better than heading to a thrift store and leaving with a big bag of goodies. Luckily, Savers is so massive that it’s nearly impossible to leave empty-handed, what with their massive warehouses packed to the rafters with clothes, homeware, furniture and knick-knacks. Since they’re so readily distributed across Melbourne, it’s hard to pick just one to name as the best op shop in Melbourne, but we guarantee you’ll come across an amazing find in whichever you go to. 

Lost And Found


In terms of variety, you absolutely can’t go wrong with this place. Lost and Found is a giant warehouse filled with absolutely everything you could ever want, if you’re a fashionista or home decorator that is. This isn’t necessarily the place to get a bargain however - it’s a resale store first and foremost, and it’s definitely not cheap, but you can score some of the coolest vintage gear you won’t find anywhere else. Also, make sure you dedicate at least an afternoon to trawling through this place - you’re gonna need it. 

Brotherhood Of St Laurence


Get a solid fit and help an amazing cause at the many Brotherhood of St Laurence stores. Dedicated to addressing poverty, BSL is an organisation where helping the greater community is the core of its ethos.  And here’s a cheeky heads up; the one on the corner of Brunswick Road and Lygon Street is one of the best op shops Brunswick (and Melbourne) has on deck.   

Retrostar Vintage Clothing


Opening up shop in 2002, RetroStar Vintage Clothing is now hailed as the largest vintage store in Melbourne. Their specialty? All things 1940s through to 1990s (hello JT-and-Brit-worthy denim ensembles). It’s a maze of clothes, shoes, bags and bling.

Vintage Sole


The thrifty breed of shopaholics behind Vintage Sole have been in the biz of garnering vintage clothing, footwear and accessories for over a decade now. Think of all the retro sunnies you’ve seen swathing the ‘gram lately, rolled out with other gold nuggets in stores that’ll make your hearts go pitter-patter.



Professional hunters and gatherers, Shag’s vintage finds are hallmarked by a zany, technicolour trend. We’re talking endless embellishments, out-there ear candy, and if you’re planning on time-travelling anytime soon to a sequin-clad era, just get yourself in here.

Hunter Gatherer


A jewel in the crown of the second-hand fashion arena, Hunter Gatherer has operated under the Brotherhood of St Laurence to bring traditional vintage clothing together under a canopy of neon signage. So next time you’re admiring the impossibly-cool dressing of Fitzroy locals, head to HG and find your own Grandma-chic groove. We know you already have a brunch date a few streets away.

Storehouse Thrift


This story is pretty heartwarming one. We aspire to be as savvy and altruistic as the crew behind Storehouse Thrift, a bunch of do-gooders working to combat addiction in adolescents. You know that shopping through these garments will not only perfect your Cher à la Clueless Wardrobe Master Plan (still so very cool) but also help a heck load of people.



Pre-loved pieces are rocking the racks at Secondo. WARNING: This one will get severely expensive, so if you’re looking for a $-saving rummage, take your pennies elsewhere. If, however, you’re into all things consignment clothing, they’ve got a whimsical assortment of high fashion to sieve through.

Toorak Opportunity Shop


Yeah, it’s a huge oxymoron. Toorak might be the last place you’d think to hit the ground running for some op shop hopping. But you'll be surprised to know the Toorak Opportunity Shop only stocks its shelves with an impressive league of quality, cared-for and preserved goodies that you’d swear were untouched.

The Posh Opp Shop


All of the loot you swipe at The Posh Opp Shoppe will go towards children living with disabilities. Sweet op-shop bargains for a good cause—that's the dream, right? These guys offer up a range of toys, children and adults clothing, jewellery and heaps more. Bring a big bag. 

Red Cross Op Shops


These guys have a simple mantra to help you remember the difference between ‘donation’ versus ‘bin it’ pile: ‘If it’s good enough to give to a friend, it’s something we’d love’. The profits made here go to a whole crop of great causes, including disaster relief abroad. Take a stroll through the Red Cross Op Shops and you’ll get your Splendour get-up sorted while doing a good deed.

Salvos Stores 


Hey, studious folks. Our favourite thing about Salvos Stores across Melb is their almighty student discount day. Yup. Every Wednesday, show your student card to save 20% off your haul and find a sensational outfit for that next Uni booze cruise you’re boarding. Our pick? Cheltenham. Just a stone’s throw from the shopping cosmopolis of Westfield. Definitely add this to your weekend to-do. 

Chapel Street Bazaar


Do you know that scene from Wild Child where Emma Roberts and her posse have a shopping spree-turned-music-video moment in the British op shop? You can recreate that at the Chapel Street Bazaar. It’s a cacophony of crockery, crystals, dolls, shoes, clothes and jewels, but spliced into stalls by passionate purveyors, like an antique mini-mall.

Sacred Heart Mission Op Shops


If you purchase a distressed, brown satchel from the South Melb Sacred Heart window for 8 dollars, you’ll have just funded 2x three-course meals to someone in need. Mind-boggling but completely legitimate. Stock is sorted and displayed on a daily basis, which is also pretty bloody impressive. We’d recommend turning to the Sacred Heart Mission op shops when embarking on a leather hunt, or simply in the mood for a good convo with the dedicated and chatty retailers. 

Vinnies Op Shops


The Vinnies Op Shops pepper our city like little gold deposits with pristine window displays and oodles of bargains. They’re clean and specialise in sifting through hoards of donations to weed out the best stuff for you. Special mention to the huge collection of crockery and adorable kids’ clothing at the Hampton fixture. Very good for fitting out shared house kitchens. Live it, learn it. 

Family Life Opportunity Shops


While all of the Family Life Op Shops do their bit at assisting vulnerable families in our city, the Highett trove also hosts a PeopleWorx program. Basically, they help people develop customer service skills and retail experience to assist them in their search for full-time employment. That’s worthy of some applause. The shop sells furniture, books, clothing and electrical goods—you know the drill.

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Image credit: Philip Mallis

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