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Lace Up Your Hiking Boots And Take On Victoria’s Best Waterfall Hikes

By Urban List Writers
18th Nov 2021

Now is exactly the time to get out and explore Victoria and it's amazing natural assets once again.

Victoria has a lot of great waterfalls with many just a stone's throw from Melbourne. So while you're out exploring the state, why not factor in a trip to one of these amazing waterfalls.

Here are the best waterfalls to check out in Victoria.

MacKenzie Falls


Water cascading over MacKenzie Falls in Victoria's Grampians region.

One of Victoria’s largest waterfalls and arguably the most popular among locals, MacKenzie Falls flows all-year but is at its best (read: loudest) at the start of spring.

There are two lookouts that vary in difficulty, depending on how many Nutella burgers you’ve had this year. The Mackenzie Falls Lookout Walk is graded as easy, and will drop you at a lookout soaring above MacKenzie Falls and the MacKenzie River. The walk is suitable for wheelchairs, and there are several great lookouts on the way to the MacKenzie Falls car park, including Bluff Lookout.

MacKenzie Falls Walk will take you past Broken Falls lookout and the base of MacKenzie Falls. It is steep in some sections, so you'll definitely need your walking shoes.

If you're planning a trip to the Grampians, you'll want to stay the weekend. Check out the luxurious glamping tents at Halls Gap Lakeside. There are five individually-styled glamping tents, including the aero-themed tent, complete with a fully functional 737 flight simulator.

Toorongo & Amphitheatre Falls


Water cascading over Toorongo Falls in West Gippsland, Victoria.

A modest two-hour drive out of Melbourne sits the Toorongo and Amphitheatre Falls. The green wonderland features two separate waterfalls, which you can access via lush, circular walking loops. Pack a picnic basket and take some time in beautiful surrounds.

Trentham Falls


Water cascading over Trentham Falls near the town of Trentham in Victoria.

Victoria’s highest single-drop waterfall and over five million years old, Trentham Falls formed when molten lava rapidly cooled across the old Coliban River Valley. It’s still as hot with locals and tourists as ever.

A stunning spot for photography between September and November with moss-covered grounds, glittering water and fresh fauna, it’s an effortlessly romantic getaway from Melbourne. We recommend picking up some goodies from the local producers down at Trentham or Woodend for a not-too-hot but not-too-cold spring picnic. Our favourites include the Redbeard Bakery and Maloa House.

Steavenson Falls


Water cascading over Steavenson falls near Marysville. Trees in the background are recovering from fire damage.

A short drive from the idyllic town of Marysville is Steavenson Falls. Drive right up to the waterfalls or take the scenic return walk to find a stunning cascading waterfall that pools into picture-perfect still blue waters.

Marysville is also prime home base for exploring the Cathedral Ranges, one of Victoria’s best spots for hiking, rock climbing and walking trails. Aim for a weekend-long trip to make the most of your time in the region.

Agnes Falls


Water cascading over Agnes Falls near the tiny locale in South Gippsland, Victoria.

Agnes Falls is just a five-minute walk away from the car park, so it’s the perfect spot to get your Instagram fill with the minimal exertion. At 59 metres, Agnes Falls are the highest single span falls in the whole of Victoria. The area includes a picnic area and is a short stroll to the Blum Gum Forest viewing platform.  

Hopetoun Falls

Great Otway National Park

Water cascading over in the Great Otway National Park off the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

Located in the Otways region of Victoria, the trail to the top of Hopetoun Falls is mainly stairs and railing if you’re keen to burn off that triple-patty burger. The 30-metre waterfall is surrounded by thick tree ferns, giving the area a fairy-tale feel.

Nigretta & Wannon Falls


Just over three hours out of Melbourne are two of the most stunning waterfalls around. You can camp in the reserve at Wannon Falls, now that nights are over five degrees, or there is access all the way to the base of Nigretta Falls

Once you're done there, check out Victoria's most charming lighthouse walks here.

Image credit: Visit Victoria

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