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Dodge The Sunday Scaries At Australia’s First Booze-Free Bar

By Kate Fleming
2nd Mar 2022

The facade of a bar painted blue with a logo on the front that reads

Remember being on your P plates and ordering a lemon, lime and bitters while your friends ordered G&Ts? Remember wishing there was a drink that tasted like your best mate’s G&T that had 0% alcohol so you could join in? That just us?

While we know a lot of you love a bev or two, we also know there’s a growing number of you who are choosing to either lower or completely cut out your alcohol consumption whether you’re the deso driver or not. Our hats are off to you because we know it’s not always easy, especially if you’re doing it alone while mates keep the drinks rolling. It’s about to get a whole lot easier though thanks to the Melbourne-based distillery Brunswick Aces and their newly opened non-alcoholic bar. 

That’s right, you read correctly. Australia’s first permanent, non-alcoholic bar is here to help you cut back on the booze without giving up the taste. Think of them like meat-free burgers for meat-loving vegetarians—you get all the flavour without sacrificing your values. The 150-person capacity venue offers a curated list of cocktails, wine and beers alongside Brunswick Aces’ signature 0% alcohol gin alternative, Spades Sapiir and Hearts Sapiir

Brunswick Aces CEO and co-founder Stephen Lawrence says “everything we serve will be 0% alcohol, with our contemporary cocktail list designed to thrill any palate, and not a fruit juice mocktail in sight.” There will be non-alcoholic takes on classic cocktails from Negronis and Espresso Martinis to the iconic G&T so you can say goodbye to that lemon, lime and bitters. 

The Brunswick Aces bar is open between 3pm and 11pm Thursday through Saturday. Book a table here and make sure you’re following them on Instagram for updates.

Keen to visit Brunswick Aces soon? Purchase a restaurant gift voucher here

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