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Some Of Victoria’s Cheesemakers And Producers Are Throwing A Fondue Party For The Home

By Amy Kayman
11th Jun 2021

A cheese store with various cheeses on sale on a shelf.

We’re home, we’re hungry, we want cheese. It’s typically what you pull out of the fridge first isn’t it? Instead of laying waste to countless slices of tasty turn things up a notch and treat yourself to some of Victoria’s finest with a fully local Fondue house party. In support of Click For Vic, we’ve got a stellar lineup of our states finest fromageries and snack plate suppliers to help you get well and truly cheesy while we’re all at home. 

The aim of the game for Fondue is to find cheeses that are easily melted and blend well in a team. Typically the main hero is a cheddar followed by an Emmental, Gruyere or Gouda but you can really choose your own adventure and find your own signature blend. 

The Cheese


Milk the Cow has done all the work for you by curating a special hamper with everything you need to create the perfect fondue. If you’re keen to go your own way, these cheese connoisseurs offer over 180 different kinds of cheese from all over the world to choose from. They also have same-day delivery for orders placed before 10:30am, making this the most direct way to get the best fondue cheeses into your kitchen


Maker & Monger is the place to go for your cheese needs if you’re within 15kms of the Prahran Market. Offering free delivery within this radius, they’re stocked with all the necessities for a funky, melty, fabulous fondue. What’s more, they have a fondue recipe available on their website for free, stacked with dipping ingredient suggestions and some troubleshoots for those of us who aren’t too hot in the kitchen.  


King & Godfree are elevators of the cheese craft. Their cheese is guaranteed to take your fondue game to the next level. Standouts include their Marcel Petit Comte, which will enhance creaminess and provide your fondue with earthy notes of dried apricot. This fromagerie is located in the heart of Carlton and delivers across the city for all your cheesy needs.


Gippsland Cheese is 100% Australian owned, and sources most of its products from Australian dairy farmers in the cheesemaking biz. Because of this, their products are made with the best dairy this country has to offer, direct from farm to table. For your fondue, try their naturally smoked gouda, which not only melts beautifully but will offer a delightful smokey subtleness to your cheese mix. They also stock some punchy aged cheddar, which will add some real funk to your fondue. 


Ned’s Bake St Germain Sourdough Baguette 

When it comes to fondue, having a good dipping bread goes an incredibly long way. You want something with a soft crumb that will soak up all the cheese, but also something with a rustic crust, to ensure structural integrity. Ned’s St Germain Sourdough Baguette achieves all of these elements and more. You can purchase this hearty baguette (and other Ned’s Bake items) from St Ali cafe or Co/Lab Pantry, both of which deliver.


Bacon makes everything better, so why not dip it into your soup of molten cheese? If you’re after the good stuff, Meatsmith is renowned for the quality of its fresh meats and cold cuts. They offer a premium house-smoked streaky bacon and if you really want to take it up a notch, a variety of top-quality steaks. This includes a premium dry-aged ribeye, which could only be improved upon with a thorough cheese dunkage. 

Queen Victoria Market Fruit and Veg 

Fruit and veg can be a fantastic accompaniment to fondue, balancing out the cheese with a cool, fresh edge. You can really go for any type of veg that can survive being dunked in hot cheese without immediately disintegrating, so the options are endless. If you want to go cheeseboard-chic, apple and pear slices are definitely the way to go. Queen Vic Market is home to a variety of greengrocers and is delivering to over 150 suburbs around Melbourne.

Lello Pasta Bar

In a way, fondue is just cheese sauce, so adding pasta to the mix is a real no-brainer. Create the ultimate mac and cheese experience by combining your leftover fondue with pasta from Lello Pasta Bar, an artisan pasta destination that creates a wide variety of hand-made pasta at affordable prices. We recommend anything with holes and ridges, to fill all those nooks and crannies with cheesy goodness.

Truffle Melbourne 

This is perhaps the ultimate addition to any fondue. Truffles are known to elevate a dish from something delicious into a special, luxurious experience. You can purchase truffles to finely shave onto your fondue from Truffle Melbourne, or could instead invest in some truffle oil to lightly drizzle onto your dipping bread, infusing your cheese with a delightful truffle aftertaste.

Wine from Victorian Country Market

Every good culinary experience needs an equally good wine to go along with it. For fondue, we suggest pairing a dry white wine, like a Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. These are able to undercut the richness of the cheese, cleansing the palette and readying you for your next decadent mouthful. Victoria Country Market offers a selection of premium local wines, perfect to accompany any fondue. 

Have you heard? There's a three-day cheese festival coming to Melbourne
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