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Melbourne After Midnight | The Best Late Night Eats In The CBD

By Megan Whitfield
21st May 2018

2am Macca’s is good (and we’ll never tell you otherwise) but sometimes it just doesn’t hit the mark. Plus everyone looks terrible under those fluorescent lights. Fortunately, we’ve sourced the top places staying open into the early hours (and some that don’t shut at all) so that next time you hit the town, you know where else to go for those late night cravings.

These are the best late-night eateries in Melbourne. 


A Melbourne institution, of course this one was going to make the list. Stalactites has been around since 1978, and it's still owned by the same family, providing Greek goodness every hour of the day. It’s a step up from a dirty street kebab, but just as satisfying and with less of the shame the next day. Don't let the slightly sketchy rep fool you—they still do a gyros that'll knock your socks off. 

Where: 185 Lonsdale St 
Open: 24/7


Twenty-Pho Seven

My goodness, we were excited when Twenty Pho Seven opened up on Russell St in 2017. We’ve long held the belief that pho is always a good idea, now we can live out those dreams, 24/7. Besides, after drinking it’s important to stay hydrated. Beef noodle soup counts, right? Drop a big bowl of this stuff after a heavy session and you'll wake up hangover free (*lack of hangover not guaranteed). 

Where: 138 Russel St 
Open: Twenty-pho seven


If you’re after something with a little more grease—no judgement—Heartbreaker is the place for you. Curb those pizza cravings any time up till 3am (except Sundays, then you’ve gotta pull back at 1am) at Connies behind the main bar. It's a tiny pizza window serving NYC-style monster slices. You can even dust your pepperoni with cheap parmesan, chilli flakes and oregano. Don't forget to fold. 

Where: 234A Russel St 
Open: Till 
3am (1am on Sun)


This one is a little fancier than some of our other recommendations, so if you’re still trying to impress your date after midnight, head here. Guy Grossi’s most recent addition to the family, Arlechin is tucked away down Mornane Place, offers a whole range of Italian goodies—but honestly, why would you go past the bolognese jaffle?

Where: Mornane Place 
Open: Till 3am

The Melbourne Supper Club

Continuing the classy AF theme, The Melbourne Supper Club brings a bit of luxury to your late-night experience. Sit amongst the high rollers in this little oasis, choosing from a very impressive wine list and range of late-night offerings. Think freshly shucked oysters or house-made curry bratwurst (they even do a chef'd up party pie).

Where: 161 Spring St 
Open: Till 4am (Sun – Thurs), 6am (Fri – Sat)


Butcher’s Diner

A more casual scene from the Supper Club crew. This is Butcher’s Diner, a 24/7 joint specialising in American-diner style food (with a little bit of extra finesse). No finesse added to the price tag though. Nope, you’ve got juicy cheeseburgers, oozy cheese toasties, Coney Island chilli dogs and more, all for wallet-friendly prices. They've even got a vegan vending machine outside. 

Where: 10 Bourke St 
Open: 24/7

Shujinko Ramen

We’re never going to turn down a big bowl of ramen, and Shujinko doesn't turn away a late-night customer. Slurp up the salty, savoury goodness of proper Tonkotsu pork broth around the clock. That’s right, 24 hour ramen. The best seats in the house are up at the bar, facing the action figures. Don't forget a few pints of frosty Asahi. 

Where: 225 Russel St 
Open: 24/7



If you’re anything like us, when you were a kid all you wanted to do was pull an all-nighter. Good news: Storyville can help you live out that fantasy, surrounded by fairytale décor sure to reignite your childhood imagination. It may not be open 24/7, but kicking on as late as 6am on Saturday nights, it’s hard to complain. Particularly when you're sipping a cocktail based on your favourite childhood books. Polyjuice, anyone?

Where: 185 Lonsdale St 
Open: Till 
3am (Mon – Thurs), 5am Fri, 6am (Sat – Sun)

Dragon Hot Pot

Dragon Hot Pot on Russell St is one of the city's famous late-night haunts. At 2am there's a queue of people waiting to bathe themselves in spicey noodle broth. It's the kind of soup you sweat out your pores, and the menu is pretty unique in Melbourne. In fact it's a bt like fro-yo. You pick your stock, your spice and your ingredients, loading up your bowl like pc n' mix, then it's weighed and you're charged per 100 grams. Pro tip: Dragon-level spice is only for the brave. 

Where: 213 Russell St
Open: 24/7

Ling Nan

Don't go into Ling Nan expecting great service. In fact the staff tend to serve you on sufferance, as if this would be a much more successful restaurant, if only it didn't have pesky diners getting in the way. But if you're anything like us, that's half the fun here. The main thing is don't dilly dally. Order a plate of the XO Pippies with Chinese doughnuts, shredded duck pancakes and the fried chicken. Don't feel bad about ordering the fried rice. The staff have already judged you. BYO is nice, too. 

Where: 204 Little Bourke St
Open: Till 
3:30am, 7 Days 


The Mayfair

The Mayfair is still the best place to get steak frites, oysters and 1930s glam after midnight. David Mackintosh and Joe Jones created this place in 2017 as a late-night answer for the post-theatre crowd. You'll find it at the foot of the Sofitel: brushed concrete bar, moody, candlelit restaurant, bottles of Pinot Noir and petit plates of sea urchin roe and spanner crab crumpets whizzing off the pass. It's rich in every sense of the word. Heavy on the wallet and the stomach, but that's exactly why we love it.

Where: 45 Collins St
Open: 5pm – 1am, Tuesday – Sunday 


Looking for late-night Korean? GAMI closes at midnight. Disaster! What's a hungry Melbournian to do? Lucky for us we've always got Joomak to fall back on. It's open till 5am on Fridays and Saturdays, dishing up kimchi pancakes, deep-fried drumettes and pan-fried marinated pork skins to post-shift hospo workers and anything else the wind blows through the door. The Beef Bulgogi is our personal pick. 

Where: Basement 407 – 409 Swanston St
Open: Till
1am (Mon – Tues), 3am (Weds – Thurs) and 5am (Fri – Sat)

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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