Melbourne’s Coolest Gift Delivery Services

By James Shackell - 09 Feb 2018


Brownie points. We’re all searching for them. Little gestures that stamp our names in the good books (and mean we won’t have to touch the vacuum for at least two weeks). Well good news, guys—we found a way to score the brownie points mother load. And the only finger you’ll need to lift is the muscular one that controls your mouse. Introducing Melbourne’s coolest gift delivery services.

Gift deliveries are appropriate for the following occasions: anniversaries, apologies, getting busted skipping ahead on Netflix seasons you promised to watch together, the birth of your first child, world peace, snoring too loudly, leaving tiny amounts of milk in the bottle and then putting it back in the fridge, or because you want a foot massage. Let's do this:

Hello Botanical

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned indoor plant, and that's where Hello Botanical comes in. Hello Botanical deliver for free Melbourne wide, and you can select from indoor plant hits such as the Monstera, Umbrella Tree, Variegated Jade, or String of Beans. It all turns up beautifully presented in a hessian pot holder. Ideal for the home, or even to brighten up that office space for someone.

The Hello Botanical team have a ton of gifts for father's day, check out the full range here.


Manflowers’ tagline is “beer delivered to babe”, which pretty much sums up their business model. You get online and order a rotating bouquet of Australian craft beer (at the moment it’s four varieties of Sample), and Manflowers delivers it to your babe, who then drinks the beer and loves you for all time. The packaging is all class, and you can even attach a little message.

Daily Blooms

There are a bunch of flower delivery services in Melbourne (see what we did there?) but our pick is Daily Blooms. Owner and entrepreneur Courtney hits Melbourne’s finest flower markets early each morning, picking what’s in bloom, and then sculpts an original flower arrangement based on her daily finds. Flowers plus delivery will set you back $30, and you can check today’s arrangement each morning on Instagram.


The guys that took the stuffiness out of wine, Vinomofo are one of the fastest growing companies in Australia (they’ve actually just expanded into Singapore). Their ethos is pretty simple: delicious wine, zero wank, and cheap deliveries from some of Australia’s best vineyards to your mouth. There’s a range of prices and varieties, but the guys at ‘the ‘Fo’ only sell the wines they love, so you know you’re getting a curated selection. Love the attitude too.

Magnum & Queens

Another online wine merchant that’s popped up in the last few months. Magnum & Queens is run by top Melbourne sommelier Virginia Selleck, so you know they’re only stocking the good stuff. Each month they release a beautifully packaged selection under a new theme, boxed up and delivered to your nearest and dearest. You can order three, six or a mighty 12-bottle pack, and each wine comes with a handy cheat sheet, detailing any relevant tasting notes (if you’re lost, just say ‘oaky’) and a wine-based recipe.

Little Cupcakes

Gorgeous cupcakes with same day delivery? F*ck yes. Little Cupcakes do little cupcakes (go figure), and the flavour range is pretty impressive. You can order a simple selection, or pick out individual sweets like Belgian Chocolate, Cherry Ripe, Oreo and Dark Horse Coffee. Gluten intolerants can cheer up too—there’s a stodge-free range on offer, along with brownies and cookies if cupcakes aren’t really your jam. There’s even a couple of vegan flavours (think Black Velvet or Blueberry Pistachio).


Experience gifts. They’re like the holy grail of gifting when you have not a single f*cking clue what to get someone. Then the question of what experience arises. Bananalab are ending your shopping woes with over three-hundy Vic-based experienced at their fingertips. PHEWPH. You purchase a voucher, have it packaged to perfection and then leave the fun part to the gift-receiver themselves as they redeem their 'pass'. Just don't let them choose skydiving. You'll be the plus one. 


Beauty sample boxes are all the rage at the moment, and Bellabox is probably the best of the bunch. You can sign up your partner for a monthly pamper pack that includes five or so beauty samples from various on-trend brands. If you like what you try, you can shop Bellabox’s online store and buy the real deal. You can tailor a plan to suit your giftee, and they’ll deliver the box wherever you want. It’ll sit you back just $17.95 a month, which is a steal when you consider the number of brownie points on offer.

Sorry Thanks I Love You

Says it all, doesn’t it? Whether you’re apologising for eating the last slice of cheesecake or expressing love through the medium of buying expensive stuff, Sorry Thanks I Love You has you covered. You can everything delivered through this thing. A selection of Bruny Island cheeses? Done. Smoked Tasmanian salmon? Sure thing. Gorgeous homewares, bespoke flower bouquets, craft beer—the sky’s the limit. The site helpfully arranges their gifts into different categories, depending on the power of your love, or the size or your f*ck up. Nice one.

Sweet Mickie

Love this idea. Delicious home-baked cinnamon and ginger cookies, covered in icing and stamped with any message you can think of. That’s the thinking behind Sweet Mickie, a tongue-in-cheek cookie delivery service based right here in Melbourne. You can order cookies with pre-prepared messages (‘Oral pleasure’ and ‘I f*cking love you’ caught our eye) or tailor your own cookie-message (you have to order 30+ cookies to get a custom quote, but hey, having too many cookies is low on the list of life’s Big Problems).


Socks and jocks have become a bit of a gag gift in recent years, but that's only because we didn't have Manrags. They're a premium socks and undies subscription service, and the only one that uses 100% Egyptian cotton. You can order a combo of socks and jocks, or just focus on the one (if, like us, your socks disappear regularly into some mysterious dimension beyond the regular boundaries of time and space). The colourful goods come packaged and delivered right to your man's door, and you can sign him up for month-by-month, 6-month or yearly packages. Nice.


A new bouquet delivery service that hooks you up direct with florists all over town. Apparently a lot of online flower sites just use stock photos and you don't really know what you're getting. Not these guys. Flowerfox also stock everything from $8 soaps and $25 succulents through to $100+ hampers and bouquets (you fancy fox, you). 


These guys have a motto: no more cellophane. Brewquet are an online beer delivery service that's trying to shake up the traditional 'gifting' industry (you know, the one that uses cellophane). The team handpicks some craft beers, throws in a pack of jerky or two, wraps the whole thing in a classy hessian bag, and delivers it straight to your loved one. You can even attach a cut note for that personal touch. 

Sweet Bouquets

Prepare to become an office legend. Just imagine how your significant other will react when a giant bouquet made from nothing but doughnuts arrives at their work? You'll go down in history as the greatest partner of all time. Sweet Bouquets can pick n' mix you a bespoke doughnut bouquet, or you can just sign up for a half dozen Nutella. Everyone loves Nutella, right?

Little Box Happiness 

Seasonal gift boxes full of happy products. That's kind of the thing at Little Box Of Happiness. There's a bunch of different themes and sizes to choose from, ranging from Bridesmaids packs to French drinking chocolate bath salts and organic basil seeds. All the things that make you go mmmm. 

Need some more inspo? (Or have a LOT of apologising to do?) You need our Ultimate Melbourne Gift Guide.

Image credit: Manflowers

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