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Nico’s Is Putting On A Sandwich Special Every Day Of Lockdown

By Simon Cassar
9th Jun 2021

The exterior to Nico's a blue painted shop front with roller door and white titles.

Update: Wednesday 9 June 

Today's Nico's announcement is that they’re coming together with Florian Eatery for a killer three-cheese toastie and soup combo. The sanga will be stuffed to the brim with oozing Scamorza, cave-aged cheddar, and Emmental cheese and will be paired perfectly when dipping into Florian’s pipin' hot celeriac soup with salsa verde oil. It’s rough as guts out there weather-wise so if there was ever a time for a tasty sanga and soup combo it's definitely today. 


Well shucks Melbourne, we’re back to it for all of lockdown. There are very few things that can get you excited about returning to lockdown, but the friendly sandwich experts at Nico’s sure are giving you reason. 

For the last next week, the Fitzroy deli-sandwich haven has been collaborating with some of Melbourne’s top chefs to bring you a new sandwich each day. It’s early days so full details haven’t been released but the special menu will include the talent of chefs such as George Wintle, head chef of Attica Summer Camp who will be bringing charcoal slow-cooked lamb shoulder to the table, as well as Joel Baylon of Shobosho who’ll be crafting a ‘Lockdown Lechon’ a Spanish style roasted pork sandwich.

There’ll also be a Vegan Cubano style sandwich with smoked chipotle eggplant to satiate any plant-based sandwich enthusiasts, along with an Aussie favourite, the prawn cocktail, with prawns, smoked trout and a dill vinaigrette. In addition to the seven unique sangas there’ll also be Nico’s stellar regular menu that has cult classics like their salad and chicken sandwiches, as well as delicious hot coffee from the bean experts at Seven Seeds.  Make sure you keep an eye out on the Nico’s IG for the full line to be announced.

Looking for something to read? Check out the Ebook collection at the State Library.  

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