Move Over Lobster, There’s A New Moreton Bay Bug Roll In Town At Pinchy’s

By Simon Cassar
21st Apr 2021

a deep fried moreton bay bug with mayo oozing down onto a bed lettuce in between a brioche bun with a red pastel background

Lobster rolls are so yesterday, it’s the time for the Moreton Bay Bug to shine.

Pinchy’s has established itself as the casual city outpost for shell-fish stuffed rolls and dishes celebrating all walks of seafood life. Led by their signature lobster roll they have just announced that they're bringing an exclusive Moreton Bay Bug filled roll to the party.  

A distant cousin of the lobster, the unfortunately titled ‘bug’ typically resides in the warmer northern coastal waters of Australia. Their flavour more than makes up for their name with a distinct sweet and decadent flavour. Pinchy’s have zeroed in on this corner of the seafood market dropping them into a light tempura batter, with a generous lashing of yuzu kosho mayonnaise, wasabi relish, fresh honeydew, and is gently embraced between a sweet and soft brioche roll. 

Head round to welcoming pink washed surroundings of Pinchy’s to get your hands on a couple of the colloquially dubbed ‘bay lobsters’ whilst they’re in town.

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