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Step Into RISING’s Supernatural Forest And Dine Inside A Glass Restaurant In Sidney Myer Music Bowl

By Simon Cassar
7th May 2021

The picture of a forest with light beaming through the trees.

RISING has already put out plenty onto the table in terms of things to do and see over the winter festival timetable but their latest announcement is stacked with the level of culinary class that you’d only expect from Melbourne.

A complete array of gastronomical events that will take over various parts of the city has just been released, with an absolute who’s who of Melbourne’s dining community including
Smith & Daughters and Lona Misa plant-based extraordinaire Shannon Martinez, Victor Liong from Lee Ho Fook, Melbourne cookbook Queen Julia Busuttil Nishimura, and many more. 

The Lighthouse At Sidney Myer Music Bowl 

The headliner of the event is The Lighthouse, a glass-covered pop-up restaurant that will sit under the stars and take over the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, set amongst the backdrop of RISING’s “supernatural forest of ice, art, sound and moonlight.” Headed up by icon chef David Moyle this crown jewel of RISING’s culinary calendar will allow 130 lucky diners to sit through a three-course menu straight from the mind of the Longsong and ex Franklin chef. 

With smoked dishes straight to the table from an on-site smoker and a wine list crafted by Blackhearts & Sparrows co-founder Jess Ghaie, this will showcase local produce and the calibre of Australian food and wine. 

The Kitchens 

There’ll also be two other pop-up kitchen’s firing things up through RISING with a rotating selection of famous faces including Shannon Martinez who’ll be pulling in her partner in crime Ian Curley as well as some friends to lend a hand like Dom Wilton of Hectors Deli, and Joey Kellock from 1800 Lasagane’s. They’ll be each adding their signature flare, cooking up some absolute classics through the solstice.

Down the road at ‘Wandering Stars’ there’’ll be a magical 500-metre stretch of glowing lanterns illuminating Birrarung Marr, an art installation that explores the history and cultural significance of the eel to people of the Kulin nations. At this outpost, you’ll be able to visit the Kitchens where Meatsmith has set up shop. The Andrew McConnell specialty butcher will be serving up heart-warming dishes like slow-cooked short rib—charcoal-grilled snacks, and hot chocolates with clove and orange marshmallow courtesy of the cacao professionals, Hunted & Gathered

The Stock Exchange At Town Hall 

Out front of the Melbourne Town Hall the ‘Stock Exchange’ will be a street food stall slinging soup dishes, with a slew of notable food characters and guest chefs, all under the guise of powerhouse recipe writer and cookbook extraordinaire Julia Busuttil Nishimura.
Expect to see everything from Ramen and Pho to French Consommé and Peruvian Aguadito, everything you need to warm the body and soul and keep you ready to explore what other specialities RISING will be serving. 

All of these events including The Lighthouse will be running throughout the entire period of the RISING festival, from Wednesday 26 May until Sunday 6 June. For more information and to see everything else on offer, click here.

Still haven’t got your head around RISING? Check out our full program breakdown here

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