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Celebrate The Rocky Road Festival With 31 Different Flavours Delivered To Your Door

By Rick Stephens
31st May 2021

rocky road chocolate being cut up into squares.

There are plenty of niche ‘festivals’ happening around the country; some come and go, but one that Victoria has always been in full support of is the Rocky Road Festival. 

It’s been happening IRL across the Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road, and Mornington Peninsula Chocolateries, but with the state going into lockdown, the sweets artisans are bringing the festival to you with stacked boxes of Rocky Road delivered to your door.

There are several offerings to choose from, like the create-your-own 1kg block, a pick and mix four pack or the ultimate 31 flavour pack which includes flavours like Baileys, tiramisu and salted caramel along with the entirety of their Rocky Road menu.

The packs range from $17.95 for the four-pack to $110 for that excessively indulgent 31 flavour box. All good options, though it may be worth going the full hog and stocking up in case we end up in another lockdown.

Order up on The Rocky Road Festival Packs here.

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