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14 Awesome Things To Do In Melbourne This Weekend

By Sophie Hodges - 16 Aug 2018

We've hit the final icy, wintery weekend. This is the last official weekend of winter, people. Spring is just around the corner, full of bluebirds and sunshine and Julie Andrews and finding $50 notes on the ground. It's gonna be amazing. Make sure you send this frosty season off with a bang.

Here's 14 awesome things to do this weekend in Melbourne. 

All Weekend

The Northern Lights At Northland

The Northern Lights—they're the ultimate bucket list item and only a few thousand dollars and 20-hours flight away. Hmm. Lucky for us, Northland are bringing the Northern Lights to us this weekend. Inside the new planetarium, you’ll be taken on a trip through an unimaginable display of lights and stars. Plus, there’s gonna be snow. We don’t know how. We just know we wanna be there.

Where: Northland Shopping Centre, 2-50 Murray Rd, Preston
When: Saturday 25 August and Sunday 26 August, 10am-5.30pm
For more info, click here

Saturday 25 August


Small talk can be hard. We get it. So does Convo, a new social event that encourages discussion around the dinner table, just like back in the good old days...before there were phones present at every meal. The idea is simple: six conversation topics over three courses. Strangers encouraged. Bring your most intellectual and agreeable self.

Where: Studio Local. 25 Albert St, Northcote
When: Saturday 25 August, 7pm
For more info, click here

Hollywood Yoga

No stress intended (and we know, it sure doesn’t feel that way) but summer is on its way. If your exercise routine this winter has been lifting various delicious treats to your mouth (same), then it’s time to get back into it. Start your 'new season new me' with a bang—we're talking Hollywood Yoga at My Mama Said Studio. 90 minutes of Dynamic Yoga Flow set to your favourite movie soundtrack. Ah-maze.

Where: 67 Austin Street, Seddon
When: Saturday 25 August
For more info, click here

Geelong Vegan Winter Market

If you haven’t already, make sure you get down to the Geelong Vegan Winter Market this weekend. Get your fix of sweet vegan treats, fresh produce, plants, crafts, teas, sustainable skincare and heaps more. There’s vegan-ised versions cheese, ice cream, yoghurt and pastries, so eat your heart out.

Where: 1 Barwon Heads Rd, Belmont
When: Saturday 25 August, 10am-2pm
For more info, click here

Foot-is-cray Festival

West Melb lovers, this event's for you. In celebration of the opening of new community project, Live City, three Footscray legends—furniture and TV ad tycoon, Franco Cozzo, Western Bulldogs Brownlow winner Adam Cooney and footy legend Tony Liberatore—will come together to host a fun-filled jam-packed day for all. There’s *free* coffee (aaaand we’re sold already), a tug of war between Team Adam and Team Tony,  a rainbow-coloured Insta-ready rope installation, and a cheeky westside foodie market.

Where: Live City, 124-188 Ballarat Rd, Footscray
When: Saturday 25 August, 12pm-4pm
For more info, click here

Sunday 26 August

Melbourne Star High Tea

In celebration of Melbourne Writer’s Festival, the Melbourne Star is transforming into a poetic high-tea hotspot. The day will start with snacks and a talk from local author Alice Pung. After that, you’ll take a trip on the Melbourne Star while the speakers play poems written about our suburbs—St Kilda, Werribee, Brunswick, Preston etc etc. It’s food, great views and all the fun of reading (without actually having to read). Fantastic.

Where: 101 Waterfront Way, Docklands 
When: Sunday 26 August, 3pm-4.30pm
For more info, click here

Linden New Art Exhibition

Linden Gallery is chucking a new exhibition this weekend called Wholeness And Implicit Order. Jeweller and taxidermist (only of animals that die of natural causes, mind you) Julia deVilla will be putting together the trippiest exhibition this south side of the Yarra—stuffed animals, holography and VR, lights, soundscapes, optical illusions. Get ready.

Where:  Linden New Art, 26 Acland Street, St Kilda
When: Sunday 26 August – Sunday 4 November
For more info, click here

Tequila Tasting At Amigos

It’s tequila, but not how you know it (that is, six bevvies on a Saturday night, knocking it back and scrambling for a lemon). This is sipping tequila, designed for the flavour, not a rager. Sit back in the early evening and try a sample of eight premium sipping tequilas, guarantee to change how you see the drink forever. It's all happening at Amigos on Sunday. 

Where: Amigos, 75 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
When: Sunday 26 August, 5pm-7.30pm
For more info, click here

Winter Warmer Market

We don’t have too many winter markets left (yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel) so make sure you get down to the good ones before they’re gone. The Compassionate Living Vegan Market stocks ethical small businesses, with everything from coffee, vegan handbags, hot food and plant-based food wraps on sale. There’ll be live music and workshops too, including one about winter skincare (be quiet, our cracked and peeling feet). Even a kombucha brewing workshop. Score. 

Where: Patterson Lakes Community Centre, 54-70 Thompson Rd
When: Sunday 26 August, 10am-2pm
For more info, click here

For the Diary

The Next Level

The world is changing, guys. Get amongst it. The Next Level is a new kind of free gallery exhibition with interactive digital displays, featuring Kelogsloops, Mark Conlan, Nosego, Paul Braddock, Loretta Lizzio and Mateusz Witczak. Fun, intriguing and a new event of its kind. Make sure you check it out.

Where: Besser Space, 15-25 Keele St, Collingwood
When: Friday 31 August – Friday 7 September
For more info, click here

Getting Piggy With It

Nowadays, we’re used to getting our pork already sliced, plastic wrapped and chilled in the shelves of supermarkets. Take a trip back into the past and enjoy the archaic concept of a whole roasted pig shared between a dinner table and stuffed with—you’ll never guess—truffles. Levantine Hill are throwing the ultimate pork party this weekend, and you're invited. Deets below. 

Where: Levantine Estate, 82 Maroondah Hwy, Coldstream
When: Friday 7 September, 2pm-5pm
For more info, email [email protected].au


It might not be the most light-hearted topic, but it is one of the most important to talk about—suicide. 2.20AM is a play that follows four ordinary people, their lives all having being affected by suicide in some way. It's based on over 50 real-life stories. It'll be a sobering, hard watch, but it also celebrates the hope and resilience on the other side of this tragedy. Worth a go.

Where: Richmond Theatrette, 415 Church Street Richmond
When: 29 August – 9 September
For more info, click here.

Fenton & Fenton Spring Exhibition

Fenton & Fenton houses all the things dreams are made of. You'd kit out your entire apartment in barely-staying-together IKEA, just so you can afford to put one of their lamps in your living room. We get it, we get it. Well, we hate to be the temptation that breaks your bank account, but Fenton & Fenton just released their new spring range. Come along, and try not to max your debit card.

Where: Fenton & Fenton, 471 High Street, Prahran
When: Saturday 1 September, 2.00pm-5.00pm
For more info, click here

Corowa Whiskey Tasting

Corowa Distilling Company are launching a new whisky flavour (Mums the word so far, but watch this space for deets). Come along to Fitzroy and be one of the first to taste it. The ticket price also includes a beer and a hot jaffle, so we’re already off to a winning start.

Where: Bad Frankie, 141 Greeves Street, Fitzroy
When: Saturday 1 September, 3pm-5pm
For more info, click here

Pop this one in the diary too: New York's most famous piano bar is coming to Melbourne next month

Image credit: Clem Onojeghuo

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