Recipe: This Fancy Vegan Chocolate Mousse Straight From Hanoi Hannah, New Quarter’s Kitchen

By Rick Stephens
21st Jun 2021

A vegan mousse on a flat plate.

The restaurants of COMMUNE Group’s quiver are always a reliable choice in that they’re always up to something new in the kitchens of Tokyo Tina and the Hanoi Hannahs. There’s a certain mastery to what’s plated up in front of you, a mastery which would seem impossible to achieve in your own kitchen. Every so often, however, they let us in a few secrets so that we can recreate the magic at home.

The latest whisper comes from their group pastry chef Enza Soto, who’s giving us the how-to on this remarkably photogenic—and remarkably simple vegan—chocolate tofu from Hanoi Hannah New Quarter

“While the mousse is delicious on its own, adding a simple buckwheat tuile really completes this dish. Don’t be put off by the name—it may be hard to pronounce, but it is easy to make. All the ingredients can be found at your local supermarket. This one is sure to impress,” says Soto.



  • 300g silken tofu, room temperature 
  • 60g coconut milk, warmed 
  • 170g dark chocolate (Caraibe 65% is best) 
  • 5g fine salt 
  • 400g coconut cream 
  • 80g caster sugar
  • Buckwheat Tuile

  • 8g psyllium husk 
  • 220g cold water 
  • 80g buckwheat flour 
  • 12g rice flour 
  • 70g icing sugar 
  • 80g Nuttelux, melted



  1. Whip the coconut cream and sugar together to stiff peaks, set aside. 
  2. Melt the chocolate over a low heat and set aside. 
  3. Blend the tofu, coconut milk and salt until smooth in a Thermomix, small food processor or a blender. Gradually pour in the melted chocolate and blend until well combined. 
  4. Working in thirds, fold the chocolate into the coconut cream, folding gently not to lose volume. 
  5. Store the finished mixture in piping bags and set aside.

Buckwheat Tuile

  1. Begin by hydrating the psyllium husk by whisking the water into the husks. 
  2. Scale and sift both the flours and icing sugar together. 
  3. Combine the hydrated psyllium paste with the dry ingredients followed by the melted Nuttelex. Whisk until a smooth paste is formed and leave for at least one hour. 
  4. Preheat an oven to 175c. 
  5. Spread the mixture very thin onto parchment. 
  6. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes, or until golden brown. Any light parts of the tuile will remain malleable, so make sure that it is thoroughly cooked. 
  7. Once cooled, break into pieces. Store in a take-away until ready for use.


Pipe a desired amount of mousse into a bowl, creating a small mound, and cover with tuile pieces. Dust with cocoa powder for an extra touch.

Make more of Melbourne’s very best in your own kitchen and try Capitano’s vodka pasta recipe.

Image credit: supplied

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