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Where To Eat, Drink & Shop In Hobart

By Clare Acheson
10th Jun 2016

With Tasmania’s incredible food, arts and music festival, Dark Mofo, on the horizon, we’re gearing up for our annual week away in Hobart. But besides checking out the weird and the wonderful, as curated by the MONA art gallery team, where else should you be headed while in town? If you’re looking for things to do in Hobart, read on for The Urban List’s 101 when it comes to eating, drinking and generally indulging in Tassie’s most action-packed city.



Owned by the same team as Smolt, a Salamanca Square favourite, this Argentinian-style restaurant is one of the slickest operations in town. Alongside a beautifully designed bar and dining area that takes inspiration from South America’s religious iconography (bonus: there’s a giant flashlight-esque sculpture hanging form the ceiling) Frank serves up epic cocktails, mouth-watering steaks fresh from the charcoal grill, and desserts that include smoked paprika praline and charred banana. If you’re looking to blow your budget, do it here.

Daci and Daci Bakery

We never say no to some drool-worthy pastries and quiches, and at Daci and Daci, you’ll be tucking into the best on the island. While you may have to wait for a table on busier days, we can guarantee that the sweet treats that await you are 100% worth it.

Jackman & McRoss

If you’re in need of a morning or lunchtime feast that’s more about home cooked goodness than fancy-pants techniques and ingredients you can’t pronounce, then Jackman & McRoss needs to be top of your list. We love this venue for its old-school vibe (the Battery Pint café has a traditional tea room shop-front, packed full of cabinets of baguettes and cakes), and you’ll find a handful of cute craft stores on the same street where you can pick up some non-edible souvenirs.

The Glass House

Cocktails, nibbles and a show-stopping view awaits you at The Glass House, one of the newest additions to Hobart’s culinary scene. If you’re a seafood lover, you will DEFINITELY want to allow yourself a few oysters and other locally caught dishes here. Not sure what to sip with your coastal banquet? Just ask—The Glass House bar is fully stocked with local wines, Tassie whiskies and beers, and the team know exactly what goes with what.

Machine Laundry Café

If you’ve been partying just a liiittle bit too hard on your Hobart adventure, you’ll want to drop into Machine Laundry Café for the Eggs Benedict followed by a strong coffee. We hear their washing machines actually work, too, but if you’re anything like us, it might take a little more than soap and water to wash out last night’s debauchery…



If you’ve ever heard someone return from Hobart, rambling on about the bar with a bus in its back yard, no, they haven’t been hitting the whisky too hard, they’ve been talking about Preachers. This no-frills bar is a cracking venue for some afternoon beers or a post-dinner nightcap, and has enough room for all the old friends you’ll no doubt run into when at Dark Mofo. Preachers, we love you.


Yep, the art institution also has a fantastic winery, Moorilla, and a brewery, which pumps out Moo Brew by the gallon. The best place to enjoy a sip of either is at MONA itself, either before checking out the mind-blowing gallery, after, while watching a stunning sunset over the bay, or on the MONA ferry, where you can have a tipple while sitting on one of its plastic sheep seats. We TOLD you Tassie is a weird place.

South Seas Cocktail Lounge

It’s tiki time ALL the time at South Seas, making it an excellent choice for those looking for some lei’d-up lols with their cocktails. A hidden gem that’s definitely going to give you something to talk about over that Eggs Benny the next morning.

Lark & Nant Whisky Bars

Tasmania has put itself on the drinks map largely thanks to these two whisky producers. While the distilleries themselves are a little further outside the city, both Lark and Nant have bars that are located a stroll from each other in Hobart’s centre. We’ll warn you now: If you’re a whisky fan, it’s all too easy to rack up a huge bill at either of these places, but you’ll be drinking some of the best spirits in the world, so #yolo…?


Fullers Bookshop

These guys have been selling books to Hobart’s finest for over 90 years, which means they really know what they’re talking about when it comes t the written word! Whether you’re looking for a trashy holiday read, some local knowledge, or a new classic to impress your literary mates with, Fullers hits the mark every time. Plus, there’s a café in store too. Book + hot chocolate = Bliss.

Salvos, Elizabeth Street

There’s a giant Salvos in Hobart that’s as good (if not better…) than any Melbourne vintage store, especially if you’re in need of a last-minute extra layer or some party threads for a Dark Mofo bash. Just remember that everything has to fit in your carry-on home!

Hello Gorgeous

Vintage lovers, you’re going to want to block out an hour in your holiday timetable for a rummage in Hello Gorgeous, who keep some amazing top-shelf vintage finds. We’re talking Lanvin heels, Gucci handbags, MiuMiu accessories, as well as a few lower end pieces. Hell freakin’ yes.

Salamanca Market

Every Saturday, Salamanca Place is transformed into a buzzing market, full of local craftspeople, tasty food vendors, live music and more. Whether you’ve a budget of $2 or $200, you’ll find a way to spend it at this weekly shopping hub. An absolute must if you’re a newbie to Hobart.

Image credit: The Glass House

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