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Central & South America
Glamping On The Bolivian Salt Flats Will Be A Glorious Reality Next Year

If you think you know about every crazy, wild, out of the world staycation there is to offer, well, think again. You can now… Read More +

Central & South America
4 South American Holidays So Cheap You Can Book Them Right Now

To say we've got the travel bug is an understatement. Our Insta feeds are littered with wanderlust, and we pretty much only save to… Read More +

Central & South America
5 Design Hotels In Mexico You Need To Check Out ASAP

Tacos, tick. Warm weather, tick. Stunning beaches, tickety tick. Have I sold you on Mexico yet? Thought so. Now when it comes to Mexico… Read More +

Central & South America
PSA: You Can Score Cheap AF Flights To South America This Weekend

Hands up who loves (read: desperately needs) a holiday? Hands up who needs a cheap holiday? That’s what we thought. Well, folks,… Read More +

Central & South America
The Mexico Road Trip You Should Definitely Add To Your Bucket List

Check it guys, we’re bringing you another badass travel must-do and #sorrynotsorry but you’ll really wish you had some more… Read More +

New Zealand
World’s Best Dog Friendly Hotels

It’s a classic phrase found embroidered on just about everything across the Internet, but lets repeat the One True Edict just in… Read More +

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