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Eat Drink Love Ponsonby Is Back For 2022 | Here Are The Best Deals You Need To Devour

By Ava Wardecki
11th May 2022

We love wining and dining in Ponsonby at the best of times—but throw in some one-off creations, tasting menus, and special prices, and we really don’t need our arm further twisted. 

Enter Eat Drink Love Ponsonby: the month-long festival dedicated to tempting you with exciting limited edition eats, special set menus, and penny-saving deals. Basically, your best excuse to revisit a favourite spot or finally head to that new place on your hitlist. 

Grab your planner, round up your foodie friends and tuck into our handpicked offers at each price point for you this Eat Drink Love Ponsonby. Feasting awaits! 

$30 & Under

Mouthwatering Deals For Mere Pocket Change

The Hidden Village

In case you didn’t know, Filipino food is the jam. But don’t take our word for it, take yourself into Ponsonby Central, follow the neon lights to the nestled oasis that is The Hidden Village, and politely ask for the Taste of Asia Tasting Platter. Trust us when we say you’ll get some bang for your buck: satay skewers, the most succulent pork BBQ, crispy wontons, popcorn cauliflower, edamame, your choice of a baby bao is your intro to the vibrant world of Filipino cuisine for just $25 a plate. Best of all, the full-size dishes of each of these goodies are firm finds on The Hidden Village’s usual menu, meaning you can revisit your favourites way beyond May.


The best kind of lazy Sunday feed is one where the only effort involved is lifting the nosh to your mouth. Chicken wings—brought straight to you, round after bottomless round to be precise—if we’re talking about Revelry's Eat Drink Love Ponsonby offering this year. They’re coated in a sweet and sticky sauce, served alongside their very own BBQ Chipotle sauce with cheesy garlic bread and golden fries, and yours to tuck into in unlimited proportions for a crisp $20. They’re available Sundays, so make sure you make those special days across May count. Ya hear us?


This year’s Eat Drink Love Ponsonby offering by Brewport is quite the sausagefest. Seriously, you’ll get your choice of their loaded, gourmet hotdogs and one of their eleven crisp beers for a sweet $15 a pop. It’s an overwhelming task—in the best possible way—to choose a dog, so let us help you with a few of our top picks: there’s the Crunchy Dogs which come covered in chippies, the Konnichiwa kransky Dogs (complete with Japanese mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds and seaweed flakes) and the Like A Vegan Dog (crispy vegan chicken nuggets, with hot sauce, ‘slaw, and vegan mayonnaise).


Somewhere Between Cheap And Cheerful And Posh Nosh


Beef Wellington is worth a cheer, hop and skip at the best of times—that we can all agree on. But for a super reasonable $39 a pop and dished up at one of Ponsonby’s much-loved all-day eateries, Longroom for Eat Drink Love Ponsonby? Now that’s up our alley. And that’s even before we say that it comes served with a truffle mash, porcini jus and beans. 


Eaters across the carnivore-to-vegan spectrum alike are in for quite the feast at this cult-status Indian hotspot. At Mumbaiwala, this year’s Eat Drink Love Ponsonby offering will see three courses of deliciousness being dished up on two menus: one for meat-eaters ($49 per person) and one for vegans and vegetarians ($45 per person). Curries, cauliflower Manchurian and coconut kulfi are in the works for our vegan and veggie folks, while Mumbai Chicken and Murg Makhani or Lamb Curry lie in store for the other side. Oh, and did we mention there’s a decadent chocolate naan featured in the latter? Get in.  

Island Gelato Company

What’s better than dessert for dinner? Not having to share it, that’s what. Island Gelato Company's offering will sort you out with two huge banana splits—so you can avoid squabbling over the last lick of cream and stick to lapping up the last drop of sauce instead. This isn’t just any banana split though, The Banana Rama Split heroes Pic’s Peanut Butter and chocolate ice cream (there’s a vegan option too!) among a fresh banana. Dessert stomach not feeling up to scratch? They’ve also got 2x double scoop cups slathered in a chocolate topping for $25 a pop. 

$50 and over

Nifty Deals For Those In The Mood To Splash A Li'l Cash

Bali Nights

We’ve arrived in the posh nosh category: designed for the serious foodies among us who really want to sink their teeth into the best of the business—and the biggest possible tastes of their cuisines at that. Bali Nights' Nusantara Set Menu is that to the T, giving you an intro to the best dishes Indonesian street food has to offer: there's everything from Sate grilled skewers, rendang (which can be made vegan), Javanese peanut dressing salad, mie goreng and a Gorengan Platter of tempe, fried tofu and veggie fritters. Considering this is just *some* of the goodies that await and it’s priced at $50 a person, we think you know exactly what to do now. 


We’re a sucker for a classic pairing—especially if it involves schucking our favourite snacks from the sea. Beau's EDLP offers just that, treating us to the trusty champagne and oysters ensemble, for a touch under the usual going price. Here, you’ll find half a dozen oysters and two flutes of champagne with your name on it for just $60 a pop. Perfect for a pre-meal starter, evening wind-down or the whole dinner shebang.

Lucky 8

True to its name, Lucky 8's menu for two is quite the showcase of their Asian Tapas flair at $88 a head. They’ve just swung open the doors to their lush, neon-tinged den of all things delish, so consider the Eat Drink Love Ponsonby lineup as the perfect way to get properly acquainted with this overnight icon. Proving their prowess, the team has two lots of tipples included: the Wuling Dragon and Seol Sipping. Considering you’ll be treated to the full monty of tapas—think banana leaf salmon, beef, golden shrimp, dumplings, wings and plenty of salads for balance—we think the cocktails will be ideal choice to wash it all down with.

Please note that these deals are literally just the tip of the EDLP iceberg, there are so many other great offers and events to be had and you can find them all here.

Image credit: Lucky 8.

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