The Best Doughnuts In Auckland | The 2017 Edit

By Natasha Van Der Laan
10th Jan 2017

The Best Doughnuts In Auckland | The 2017 Edit

If there’s one thing Aucklanders love, it’s doughnuts. Dusted with sugar, oozing with custard or stuffed with cream, we want them and we want them ALL. Because the doughnut love is so strong, we thought it was time to revisit this list (any excuse to eat doughnuts, right?). Without further ado, here are nine more of the best places to buy doughnuts in Auckland.


Mt Eden

Mt Eden newbie, Olly, is all about three things: art, coffee and doughnuts—pretty sweet combo, huh? Adorned with murals and artworks, the café has a hella strong doughnut game. Here you’ll find your classic sugar and cinnamon d’nut as well as other delights finished with a thick spread of icing. There’s no shortage of flavours with matcha green tea, strawberry and cookies and cream all up for grabs.

Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen


One thing’s for certain, Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen don’t do sweet treats by halves. We’re talking s’mores tarts (!), Italian-style carrot cake, salted caramel slice and—of course—doughnuts! They have two delights available for the taking. Their cream option is packed with diplomat cream and raspberry compote, while their sugar-dusted number is dipped in brown butter before being rolled in cinnamon-spiced sugar with a hint of salt—yum!

Hello Friends + Allies


When it comes to doughnuts, Hello Friends + Allies has an exceptional cream-to-dough ratio. These scrumptious morsels are absolutely bursting with silky cream. They’re also filled with a generous dollop of jam and coated in icing sugar. Eat with caution—there’s a high chance you’ll end up with cream on your face and icing sugar on your nose.

Scratch Bakers

Auckland City

For an inner-city doughnut fix, look no further than the creative folk at Scratch Bakers. They’re known for creating a doughnut-of-the-week, with previous creations including almond butter with raspberry, hokey pokey with macadamia brittle crunch as well as peanut butter jelly. Is your mouth watering yet?

Miss Clawdy

Wynyard Quarter

The French do a tasty take on the humble doughnut. Miss Clawdy has perfected French-esque beignet doughnuts for your eating pleasure. You can opt to have ‘em plain or with a vanilla custard, fruit compote or chocolate filling. They’re freshly cooked to order and dusted with icing sugar. P.S. Their key lime pie with torched meringue is also mouth-wateringly delish.


K Road

K Road’s Bestie café and is sure to become your, err, bestie. The hip café serves up ricotta doughnuts (yes, plural) in exception style. You’ll be served five (five!) doughy balls fried to perfection and dusted with cinnamon sugar. The best part? These are then served with white chocolate whip, perfect for dipping the morsels of happiness. We can confirm, they’re as amazing as they sound!

The Mustard Kitchen


Perched on a corner in Morningside, The Mustard Kitchen has a reputation for the best pies in Auckland. But today we’re talking doughnuts and the café is equally pro at baking these. They have four options: cinnamon sugar, chocolate ganache-filled or jam with cream (available in both long or round form). The latter is brimming with fresh, fluffy cream and dusted with icing sugar. Have napkins at the ready coz things are bound to get messy!

Miss Moonshine’s


If you’re a bit like us and have a massive sweet tooth on ya, you won’t be able to resist the deliciousness that is Miss Moonshine’s Orleans-style doughnuts. You’ll be served three morsels dusted with chunks of hokey pokey and cinnamon-spiced cream. What’s more, this dessert also comes with a jug of salted caramel for you to drizzle over to your heart’s content.



Also an Auckland newcomer, Billy is all about dem doughnuts. Their cabinet is brimming with chewy and sweet homemade d’nuts. Here you’ll stumble upon classic sugar-coated doughnuts as well as iced deliciousness. We’re particularly fond of their chocolate bad boy with choc icing and drizzle as well as a stick of Kit Kat on the top. There’s no such thing as too much chocolate, right?

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Image credit: Miss Moonshine's via Facebook

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