Auckland’s Best Places To Exercise And Get Fit

By Nina Franklin - 05 Mar 2018

Places To Break A Sweat In Auckland

When it comes to getting fit in Auckland, locals are super-lucky because not only do we have plenty of spaces to exercise outdoors, there's also plenty of indoor options for when the weather turns bad. Whether it's climbing stairs, getting your Zen on or joining others in a run club, Auckland has it all. 

Here's our round-up of the best places to fit and exercise in Auckland. Chuck on some Missy E "work it" and make your way down this list!

The Trust Arena

This one's for you West Auckland dwellers—The Trust Stadium is a great place to bust yer butt out in the afternoon rays. With a running track and some gnarly steps made for whipping those glutes into shape AND a playground for keeping the kids entertained while you werk it. How could you not, really?


For long lean muscles, a tight booty and some bangin', Gwen Stefani abs—Pilates is your go-to for breaking a sweat. Not only does Pilates help with the physical results of fitness but it also helps to clear your mind and provide with inner strength and wellness. We've rounded up our fave Pilates studios, so check them out here.

Sladdin Stairs

A steep incline via a 714 set of stairs is a sure-fire way to get a killer bootie and make you break a sweat in no time. We're talkin' about the Camp Sladdin set of stairs in Clevedon. For the more adventurous fitness fiends, go check em out.


Obvs, if you're wanting to break a sweat you can't go wrong with your classic gym workout. However you like to work out, you can pretty much do it all at the gym. So, pop down to ya local gym and see what offers they've got for you to try out. Pro tip—utilise the free personal training sessions!

Albert Park

For something that seems like an easy stroll but will actually get the sweat dripping in no time, take a stroll up to Albert Park. Whichever route you choose to take, the incline always kicks our butt and when you reach the top there are plenty of seats for a rest.

Places To Break A Sweat In Auckland

Barre Classes

To bring out that inner ballerina in you, give a Barre class a try. Barre is a combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates, made to work out your inner core, improve posture, muscle definition, increase flexibility and promote weight loss. Check out our fave Barre classes right here.


Ok, so boxing is not only a great place to break a sweat but, if you've got some pent-up aggression then we recommend punching it out with some boxing classes. This form of exercise helps you burn calories while you work out, which promotes weight loss and boxing is great for strengthening and toning your muscles too. It's a win-win really.

Places To Break A Sweat In Auckland


For a more Zen workout, yoga is perfect. Although yoga involves more slow-paced movements, you can be sure that this form of exercise will make you break a sweat, all while lengthening your body, toning and strengthening and helping with your breathing and inner wellbeing. Check out our yoga studio picks here. Namaste.

Hot Yoga

If regular yoga is not your jam, or you're wanting to up the ante a little, then try some hot yoga. We can guarantee that this form of exercise will make you break a sweat—probs because you're working out in 40-degree heat! You better bet we have a list for that too...


K, so this is probs the ultimate sweat inducing form of exercise as it incorporates a variety of functional movements that are performed at high intensity with intervals. They include aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting running and rowing, just to name a few. So if you've got the kahunas, just on board one of the most popular fitness trends and give it a go team.

Walks And Hikes

Luckily for us, Auckland has some mighty fine bushwalks, perfect for a more slow-paced way to break a sweat and burn some calories. Walking can help you lose weight and strengthen your cardiovascular system. And with so many beautiful walks here in Auckland we're spoilt for choice. Take a look at our recommendations here.

Adidas Run Club

The Adidas Run Club has gained quite the cult following and with good reason! The Adidas run club leaves every Tuesday night at six pm from the Adidas store on Customs Street East, it's free and there is no need to book! It's a great way to not only break a sweat but to meet like-minded fitness buddies too!

Places To Break A Sweat In Auckland


This form of exercise is something that might interest those peeps who get bored with the usual workouts. EMS training or electro muscle stimulation works by sending electromagnetic impulses to your muscles via cords attached to a machine, designed to contract your muscles at the same time as you are working out. It's basically triple the workout in half the time. Check out Auckland's first and only boutique studio here.

Pole Dancing

For a sexy alternative to the standard werk out, pole dancing is def a goer. The stigma is but a distant memory and in its place is an increasingly popular workout. It’s great for upper body strength and helping to strengthen your core and it's a great confidence booster too. Breaking a sweat never looked so sexy.

Aerial Silk

This is a core conditioning and strengthening way to exercise (and break a sweat) while being suspended in the air via two pieces of fabric. There's a lot of twisting, hanging and climbing involved so it's not for the faint-hearted.
Places To Break A Sweat In Auckland

Cycle Path

Jump on ya bike, or if you don't have one—hire one. Cycle down Auckland's pinkiest cycle path for a more relaxed way to break a sweat and get a workout.

Twerk It Out

Our final pick for places to break a sweat in Auckland is a twerk it out, class. Have you seen all of those girls jiggling their booties in music videos? Well, that's called twerking and you too can learn the skills involved in becoming a twerking goddess. Believe it or not, this form of dance is a great way to break a sweat, while you bust your butt, strengthen your muscles and get that cardiovascular system pumping. Check them out here for more info.


Image Credit: Studio Red, Kellie Blizzard, Andrew Wilson, Barrefigure

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