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By Sarah Lynch
18th May 2016

I like to think of myself as the ultimate fitness fad guru. I’ve tried every exercise available from vibratrain (remember when that was a ‘thing’?) to Bikram yoga in an often desperate, last-minute pre-bikini season attempt to make some changes. So when I got the call up to try out CrossFit, I jumped (somewhat nervously) at the opportunity.

My first goal for trying CrossFit, was to not talk about it all the time—I didn’t want to become part of the CrossFit cult, but it helped that I’m not as naturally gifted as I assumed (read, terrible), so I had nothing to brag about.

Entering CrossFit North Harbour’s Box (their term for the gym), I was blown away by how bare the space was. As an on-again- off-again gym member I expected the room to be crammed with equipment because equipment = results, right? Guess not.

The workouts are capped at 12 people, and everyone knows everybody’s names so I had some learning to do from the get go. We started by warming up before getting into the strength component—back squats. This is the first of the benchmarking phases in CrossFit, but you’re not competing against the rest of the class rather against your personal best (which I didn’t have) so I took it easy and worked on my technique thanks to Coach Dave.

Following that, we started the WOD (workout of the day) which was a surprise because I was pretty sure we’d already started working out, but boy was I wrong.

The workout was 12 minutes long and high intensity—a sprint that required marathon effort. It consisted of 200 metre runs, 15 box jumps and 15 kettle bell swings, and doing as many rounds as possible in the time frame.

While the first class was the hardest, freaken workout I’ve ever done in my life—I’ve been back and now love the rush that comes from the interval style training. Why I can’t speak for all boxes, but CFNH works for me and the community they’ve built keeps me motivated beyond bikini season.

Crossfit not the workout for you, how about swing?

Image credit: Cody Blog

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