Where To Sip On The Best Hot Chocolate In Auckland

By Natasha Van Der Laan
14th May 2019

Best Hot Chocolate In Sydney

No cool day is complete without our buddy hot chocolate. A comforting cuppa will warm you from the inside out on the coldest of days—and leave you with a smile on your dial (and possibly a milk moustache). Whether it’s an indulgent thick Italian blend or a light silky smooth brew, sippin’ on a hot choccie is the perfect way to warm up during the cold days.

Here are seven cafes to indulge in the best hot chocolate in Auckland.

Chocolate Boutique Café


If you like your hot chocolate thick, look no further than Chocolate Boutique Café’s Italian denso. ‘Denso’ translates to ‘dense’ or ‘thick’ and there are no better words to describe this bad boy—it’s so thick you could probably stand your spoon it in. It comes topped with whipped cream and chocolate curls. For a spicy kick, order the chilli denso—it’s a fave of ours.

Deco Eatery


Situated in the historic Lopdell House (this venue is beautiful), Deco Eatery knows a thing or two about hot drinks. Firstly, they blend their own espresso on site to brew divine coffee. Secondly, their hot chocolates come with a stick of Whittaker’s—yes, you read that correctly. You can choose whether you want white, milk or dark chocolate and then it’s up to you to stir through your hot drink. Being a Turkish eatery, your drink also comes served with a square of Turkish delight—tu meke.

Where To Sip On The Best Hot Chocolate In Auckland



Tucked away in the streets of Kingsland is this little gem called Elisabeth. The cosy dessert parlour may look small but don’t let that fool you as they serve a whole bunch of epic treats and their hot chocolate does not fail to impress. They have an entire section of the menu dedicated to this glorious drink. Choose from dark chocolate, salted caramel, fairy floss or Aztec spice. Their specialty is the s’mores hot chocolate—velvety, decadent, smooth and rich chocolate garnished with a generous pile of chocolate shavings and a roasted marshmallow to put the cherry on top.

The Shelf

High Street

Not only does The Shelf on High Street have adorable décor, but their hot chocolates also deserve some special recognition. Make sure you order the “Special Hot Chocolate”, (emphasis on the special) as this beauty comes out with frothy steamed milk, a shot of melted chocolate on the side that you have control over and a bar of Whittaker’s that you use as a stirrer, pair that with one of their treats from the cabinet for a combination of sugary perfection.

Where To Sip On The Best Hot Chocolate In Auckland

CrunchTower Desserts & Drinks


Previously known as Casa Del Gelato, CrunchTower’s name may have changed but their desserts and drinks remain lit, in fact, they’ve gotten even better. Served in a glass that is wrapped in cotton candy, not only do you get a 'gram-worthy beverage but a drink that takes sweetness to all new heights.



Mint choc chip fans, unite. Between on K’Road offer an OG hot chocolate which is damn good but the mint delight is where it’s at. The hot chocolate is thick and it’s topped off with freshly whipped cream that has been infused with mint. Also, the froth to milk ratio is on point as well as the extra chocolate shavings added to the foamy hot beverage makes it all the more chocolatey and special.



Constructed hot chocolates are fun and stuff but have you tried a deconstructed hot choccie? Nope? Well, you best get your booty to Rosie to try either their classic Valrhona or salted caramel hot chocolate offerings. You’ll be served a glass of milk alongside a jug of thick hot chocolate to pour through your drink. It comes with brownie pieces that you can either munch on as is or add to your bevvy (we suggest doing the latter).

Winona Forever


Winona Forever don’t just offer one hot chocolate on their menu but four. Depending on what mood you’re in, our friends at Winona can hook you up. If you’re feeling like a rich hot choc that doesn’t fool around, the dark chocolate is the way to go. Feeling like something a little sweeter? Then the white chocolate coconut is the one for you. But if you want the real deal at Winona, go for the peanut butter chocolate and challenge yourself to a new level of liquid indulgence.

Takapuna Beach Café


There's deconstructed hot chocolates to be had at Takapuna Beach Café. There are two DIY hot choccie options: chocolate or salted caramel with chocolate. Expect to be served a cup of rich 60% chocolate ganache with a carafe of steamed milk and a side of chocolate pieces. They also have iced chocolate options that feature the café’s award-winning gelato.

Little Bird

Ponsonby & Kingsland

Just because you’re a dairy-free kiddo shouldn’t mean you miss out on hot chocolate goodness. Fear not, Little Bird has your back. Their spicy hot chocolate stars organic spices, raw cacao and almond milk. It’s oh-so-spicy so, rest assured, it will warm you up on the coldest of days. They also have a raw cacao mug that features warmed almond milk and a stick of raw chocolate. Watch in delight as the chocolate melts into a chocolate wonderland.

House of Chocolate Dessert Café


With a name like House of Chocolate, it’s only fitting that these guys do an awesome hot choc. Available in dark or white chocolate, their Belgian hot chocolate is made just the way we like ‘em—with real chocolate. To mix things up, add a shot of flavour. Think peppermint, orange, hazelnut or gingerbread. If you like your hot chocolate in dessert-form, they have a hot chocolate pudding a.k.a. a gooey-centred chocolate fondant drizzled in ganache. Get in my belly.

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Image credit: Andrew Wilson, Jaiden Bhaga, Crunch Tower Desserts&Drinks

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