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Here’s How To Kick Off The Perfect Arvo In Fremantle

By Renée Ardon-Coppinger

Whether you were alive and kicking in the '80s, or merely a blimp on the distant radar, chances are you’ve heard legendary tales of Australia II’s auspicious 1983 America Cup victory that caused global uproar.

The WA Maritime Museum is transporting visitors back to a time of big hair and even bigger celebrations in its latest exhibition. Australia II - 40 Years On shares the tale of 26 September 1983—the day yacht Australia II made global history winning the world’s oldest sporting trophy, ripping it out of the Americans' grip after a whopping 132 years.

Witness A Piece Of History

Australia II - 40 Years On sails back into the untold stories and memorable moments that sparked the incredible cup victory that arguably put Fremantle on the world map. Learn about the grit and perseverance of the brave Aussie crew and their leader John Bertrand as they set new elite sporting standards thanks to their top secret revolutionary keel design that’s been admired ever since. Get up close and personal with the forever immortalised Australia II yacht and peek endless precious artifacts and crew gear from the lead up. There's also a spectacular 25-minute short film that takes you packed with animations, interviews, archival footage, soundscapes and never-before-seen imagery to really throw you into the action.

Set Sail At Sunset

Aboslute history tragic? Embark on a magical after-hours sunset cruise with legendary John Longley as you journey from Elizabeth Quay all the way to Freo’s Victoria Quay, hearing the untold stories and juicy gossip around the win. Each cruise can fit 6 to 14 people with drinks and canapes included directly under the Australia II—you can’t get much closer to history than that. These cruises are seriously exclusive, so rally your crew mates and get booking.

Make the most of a balmy Bather’s Beach day with the family at WA Maritime Museum before heading over to the port for your classic fish and chip fix for one of those perfect West Australian sunsets. Australia II - 40 Years On runs from September until February 2024, so grab your tickets here.

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Image credit: Daniel Forster

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