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13 Of The Best Picnic Spots In Perth To Throw A Rug Down

By Anna Franklyn
5th May 2023

Picnic season is here! So it's time to fire up the group chat, grab some tasty nibbles and a good bottle of wine and start planning your next lazy day at the park.

To help you, we've lined up the best picnic spots in Perth. 

Hyde Park


Located conveniently close to those yummy baked delights at Chu Bakery, Hyde Park is perfect for your picnics. It's got a picturesque lake at its centre, shady trees to keep you out of the sun, toilets (for when you have too many daytime vinos) and loads of space to lay your rug down. They've also got play equipment and a little water playground down one end if you happen to have some little ones in toe.

Kings Park

West Perth

Let’s be real, you can picnic just about anywhere in King’s Park and it’ll be great. But for your info, the Pines Picnic Area, Synergy Parkland, the Lotterywest Family Area and the Saw Avenue Picnic Area also have BBQs so you can cook yourself a little feast if your picnic hamper isn’t enough to satisfy you. Check out this handy map for all the details.

South Perth Foreshore

South Perth

Riverside vibes plus sparkling views of the city skyline make South Perth foreshore a no brainer for any picnic setup. There's loads of parks to choose from along the strip so you'll never be stuck fighting for a spot. Just make sure you get settled in around sunset to soak up the golden hour glow. 

Walyunga National Park

Perth Hills

Just west of the Avon Valley, Walyunga National Park covers 1800 hectares of the Darling Range and it’s bloody beautiful, so if you can’t find somewhere to picnic in here we don’t know what to tell you. Make your way to Walyunga Pool, Boongarup Pool or Syd’s Rapids to enjoy your picnic by the water, then go for a wander and try to spot some wildlife.

John Oldham Park


Just outside of Kings Park off Mounts Bay Road, John Oldham Park is one of Perth's best-kept secrets with a beautiful waterfall, BBQ facilities and a few little walking trails so you can go for a very peaceful stroll after you finish your feast. 

Mrs Herberts Park


Tucked away in Claremont, Mrs Herberts has some pretty impressive views overlooking the Swan River. There’s also a BBQ and a playground if you happen to have kids who need entertaining.

Serpentine Falls


If you’re up for a bit of drive and you feel like making a day of your picnic, head to Serpentine Falls. Pack your bathers and have a dip, then tuck into your picnic goodies. If you’re feeling really ambitious you could do the 16.5km Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail which will definitely help you work up an appetite.

Cottesloe Beach


While you could picnic at most spots along the coast in Perth, there’s something pretty special about finding a patch of grass atop Cottesloe beach and having a little glass of vino with some cheese while the sun goes down. When the Freo doctor comes in, you could always pack up and head to Indigo Oscar for a spicy marg before you head home.

John Forrest National Park


About 40 minutes east of Perth, John Forrest National Park is home to a couple of pretty impressive waterfalls and plenty of rock pools. There is the main picnic area with tables and BBQs, but we recommend strolling a little further and finding yourself a secluded spot to really make the most of the park.

Heathcote Reserve


Another suburb, another epic view of the Swan River. Heathcote Reserve is also especially good if you’ve got rugrats to entertain thanks to the huge playground. But even if you don’t have any kids (and don’t want to spend your day listening to them), walk just a little further and find yourself a sunny spot of grass overlooking the river.

Matilda Bay


There’s something about the Matilda Bay foreshore that makes you want to crack open a bottle of Aperol and some prosecco and spritz the afternoon away, or is that just me? In the name of drinking responsibly, you should probably also pack a picnic.

Lesmurdie Falls National Park


Part of the Darling Ranges, Lesmurdie Falls is a pretty speccy spot for a picnic. It’s a short walk to the viewing platform at the top of the falls where you can see all the way out to Rottnest on a clear day (just remember to wear your walking shoes unless you’ve got very rugged feet). Once you’ve had a stroll it’s time to decide where to unpack that picnic. There’s a picnic area with BBQs, but we think you should find a secret spot and really relax for a while.

Merv Cowan Park

East Fremantle

Nestled just above the Left Bank in East Freo, this beaut little park on the river is blessed with exceptional views towards Fremantle, especially come sunset. We also can't help but appreciate how easy it is to stroll down to the pub for an extra bev or two if you run out of supplies.

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