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Lace Up, These Are Perth’s Best Waterfall Hikes

By Anna Franklyn
18th May 2020

Serpentine Falls Shot From Above

We know how much Perth peeps love a good hike and we’re here to remind you that winter is no excuse to pack away the running shoes. In fact, it’s the very best time to get your waterfall fix, all while clocking up those steps. Plus, knowing Perth’s weather, you can probably sit back and enjoy a killer picnic at the end of it.

We caught up with The Hike Collective's Kate Gibson to find Perth's best waterfall hikes and boy, there are some goodies in here for you. Whether you want to do them on your own or join one of their tours, you'll want to get going!

Noble Falls 


The Noble Falls are small but beautiful, as the water flows along the Wooroloo Brook. You can get the full experience on the Noble Falls Walk Trail with loops around the brook and it’s perfect for dogs at only 3.5km long. 

Serpentine Falls


Enjoy the white waters as the Serpentine River cascades into the rock-rimmed pool of Serpentine Falls. A popular swimming spot in summer, the falls are set in a naturally beautiful cleft at the foot of the scarp and it’s a tranquil spot for a little day adventure. Hike the 6km return Baldwins Bluff Trail to see the falls from the top, or head out along the 14km return Kitty’s Gorge Trail (named after a runaway cow) and enjoy the full picture of Gooralong Brook. 

Sixty Foot Falls 


You can get the vast openness of the Barrington Quarry, as well as the majestic height of the Sixty Foot Falls, at this hot spot, just 30 minutes from Perth. Depending on how adventurous you are feeling, you can tackle the short and sweet 2.8km Blue Wren Ramble and combine it with the 2.5km Sixty Foot Falls Trail Loop to explore the Quarry, and the panoramic views atop the falls, or you can let these guys guide the way. If you head out here after a good drop of rain, you will get to have a bit of fun crossing the stream as it creates the falls. 

John Oldham Falls


An urban gem hidden in plain sight, John Oldham Falls is probably the most underrated of our top picks of Perth’s best waterfall hikes. Tucked away between the hustling freeway and the bustling Mounts Bay Road, opposite the Mount Hospital, the waterfall itself is enchanting and is surrounded by beautiful birdlife. You can enjoy an urban hike by the river from here, or head up into Kings Park for a nature escape just on the city’s doorstep. 

Hovea Falls And National Park Falls 

This is a two-for-one deal at John Forrest National Park. Nestled in Western Australia’s first national park, you can enjoy two beautiful waterfalls in one convenient location as Hovea Falls traverses over smooth rocks on the Jane Brook, and a bit further downstream, you can find National Park Falls too. The best thing about these falls is that you can hike 2km along beginner-friendly Railway Reserves Heritage Trail or take on a more adventurous challenge and experience the falls along the 15km Eagle View Trail. Don’t worry, there are plenty of in-between options too. 

Whistlepipe Gully 

While technically not a waterfall, this popular gem cuts the mustard in so many ways and we couldn’t bear to leave it off. It runs off the end of the Lesmurdie Falls, and with amazing panoramic city views, old house ruins with fascinating history, an enchanted woodlands feel and an everflowing stream, Whistlepipe Gully will show you the best of a 3.5km walking trail while listening to the flowing water cascading down the rocky outcrops beside you. An uber popular dog-friendly trail, this is also an awesome spot to bring the pets (or kids) and let their adventurous side loose. 

Lesmurdie Falls  

Lesmurdie Falls is arguably the most spectacular of the falls on the Darling Range escarpment. This hotspot for picnickers and hikers will give you a range of trails to take in the falls from the bottom, with the gushing water cascading down the stream, and from the top of the falls you can enjoy views all the way to Rottnest on a good day. Enjoy a short 2km “up and down” hike or venture out into the wilderness for an adventurous 5km loop on the Palm Terrace trail. If you want to take it in at sunset, join The Hike Collective’s tour for some spectacular views.

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Image credit: Tourism WA

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