5 Reasons To Convince Your Boss To Become A Containers For Change Workplace

By Renée Ardon-Coppinger

It's perplexing to consider the whopping 530 million 10¢ containers that end up in landfill in our sunny state alone each year—fortunately the superheroes at Containers for Change are bravely fighting the fill, encouraging small local businesses to get creative and actively protect our precious planet. We’ve teamed up with these legends to help you make a few extra dollar bills while having a little fun on the 9-to-5 daily grind.

Here’s 5 reasons to convince your boss to take the plunge and become a Containers for Change workplace.

Level Up Your Christmas Bash

Bring a little extra sparkle to those EOY celebrations with some extra funds to really help deck the halls. Book in a photo booth to capture those silly season memories forever, go luxe and treat yourselves to an intimate private dining room at that new hot opening or splash the cash and go all out on decorations to create a winter-themed wonderland.

Transform Your AM Tea Break

There’s no quicker way to our hearts than a freshly baked good. Glazed birthday donuts once a month? Yes please. Triple fudge brownies from that bakery that always has queues down the road. Say less. Those cleverly saved dollars will not only feed those hungry bellies, but boost staff morale (and sugar hits) while also supporting delicious local bizzes. A total three-way win.

Share An After Work Tipple

If you’re crawling to 5pm Friday, the glowing prospect of a zesty after-work sip can do wonders. Cocktail, mocktail, vino or seltzer, we love extending the arms of friendship beyond the desk and getting to know our work crew a little better over a bevvie—especially when it’s free. Grab all your saved dollars and saunter down to the relaxed neighbourhood pub once the clock hits quittin’ time. Just don’t forget to invite the boss along too.

Create A Little Healthy Competition

Fire up the office Slack thread—things are getting competitive, baby. Tally up who contributes the most bottles and cans in a month, then let them revel in the glory of the combined total made. For those sporty spices, how about a little break time basketball comp to see who can slam dunk the most cans? A surefire way to give you an energy hit and bring some legendary lunchtime laughs. 

Empower A Local Cause

With the ridiculousness of the current cozzi livs crisis, communities are doing it harder than ever to get by. Even small changes can make a massive impact to those doing it tough. Whether there’s a local homeless shelter nearby the office or there’s a particular charity close to home that you’d love to contribute to, you’ll be surprised at how something so simple can accumulate to meaningful positive change, warm fuzzies guaranteed.

Remember, landfill isn’t just a careless mistake—not doing anything is a choice that you make. For more inspo on how to convince the big boss to become a Containers for Change workplace to up the workplace fun, head to Continers for Change and keep looking out for those 10¢ containers when you’re home or steppin' out.

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