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Everything You Need To See At The Perth Comedy Festival

By Kirsty Petrides - 12 Apr 2017

If you’re getting a bit down in the dumps about the impending cold weather, lift your spirits with one of Perth’s best annual events—yes boys and girls, it’s the Perth Comedy Festival. It’s back, and there is a bevy of stellar comedians ready and raring to make you laugh.

We’ve hand-picked a few shows that you really shouldn’t miss.

Rhys Nicholson

If you want sculpted abs, you could start doing F45. Or you could go to Rhys Nicholson’s show. And given a ticket to his new stand up show at this year’s Perth Comedy Fest is only about $30, we reckon that’s the cheaper option. Nicholson will leave you with aching abs with his frank, straight-forward, no-nonsense humour. He’s doing four shows this year (gosh, we feel a bit spoilt) so there is absolutely no excuse for you to miss out.

David O’Doherty

Ireland’s favourite musical comedian is bringing his humour and his keyboard to our shores. David O’Doherty’s tuneful skits about things that piss him off will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. This year he’ll be addressing all the things wrong with humanity and how’s he’s going to fix them—all to the docile tones of his kiddie keyboard, of course.  He’s only playing one show at The Regal, so be quick.

Daniel Sloss

How’s this for a resumé—sold out tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2016. Sold out shows at Edinburgh Fringe nine years in a row. Regular touring circuit of UK, Europe and USA. And the odd cheeky appearance on US shows like Conan. This guy must be pretty damn funny, yes? One of Scotland’s favourite exports, Daniel Sloss is returning to the land down under for his biggest tour yet. And given the aforementioned impressiveness, you’re not going to want to miss this.

Steven K Amos

This globe-trotting comedian is returning to our fair city after delighting audiences around world. In the last 12 months, Stephen K Amos has performed his unique feel-good comedy in more than 10 countries. Yep. That is how universally hilarious this guy is. He’s treating us to four shows at The Regal Theatre, so make sure you see him at least once. Maybe twice.

Alex Williamson

This funnyman might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but if you’re fan of politically-incorrect jokes and a crude attitude, then you should definitely get yourself a ticket to see Alex Williamson. But you better get on to it toot sweet—he regularly sells out shows across Australia and the UK, and he is only giving the people of Perth one show to catch him at.

Heath Franklin’s Chopper

The man behind Ronny Jones Half Hour is coming to Perth with all your favourite Chopper jokes. Heath Franklin’s Chopper has been making the people of Australia laugh for over a decade, and he’s back with all his side-splitting hits. With tickets starting at 30 bucks, we think this one is a bargain.

Jason Byrne

The demand for this Irish comedian in Perth has been so high that he’s had to put on a second show. Yeah that’s right, we like your jokes, Jason. Give us more please. He is bringing a brand spanking new show to the Perth Comedy Festival this year, full of hilarious, crafty, wet-your-pants kind of humour. Oh, and props. This guy loves a ridiculous comical prop. Think giant ducks, rubber hands, owls, big wooden pegs and amazing magic stunts.

Matt Okine

If you miss hearing the sound of Matt Okine’s voice every morning, then get yourself to his show at The Regal Theatre. He’s one of Australia’s favourite award-winning comedians, has scooped some major accolades in the past few years (including the prestigious Director’s Choice Award at the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the 2015 ARIA Award for Best Comedy Release) and he is now bringing his sixth stand-up show to the west.


The stars of this Youtube comedy hit are taking to the stage for an evening of live non-stop laughter. The Superwog team have amassed an incredible Youtube audience of about 115 million people (kind of impressive we guess) and their last tour sold out shows around the country. So if you haven’t seen these guys already, you should probably go see what all the fuss is about.

Wil Anderson

We don’t really need to tell you that Wil Anderson is funny. You’ve seen him on TV. You’ve heard his hilarious one-liners on Gruen. You’ve probably listened to him on podcasts. You know he’s got the jokes and the wittiness. And those in the comedy know reckon this is his best show yet. Lucky for us, he’s doing three of them. Thanks, Wil! You’re a real treasure.

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Image credit: Brisbane Powerhouse

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