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How To Nail The Physical Distancing Game With The Help Of A Furry Friend

By Sophie Oddo
23rd Mar 2020

Dog lovers, listen up. With the recent postponing of Greyhounds As Pets WA's annual National Greyhound Adoption Day (and many other events around Australia), it's important to ensure we are still supporting all those around us in any way we can. While the event is not going ahead at this stage, you can still adopt these adorable creatures for an affordable $75, and considering the need for physical distancing is at an all-time high, there really has never been a better time to adopt a dog in our opinion.

Whether you're ready to be a dog parent or not, you’ll be pleased to know, there’s plenty of other ways you can help. So we’ve teamed up with Greyhounds As Pets to help shed a light on the many ways you can make a difference in these furry friends’ lives.


If you’re interested in being a temporary fur parent, or you’re not quite sure if greyhounds are the breed for you, you’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty of fostering opportunities for these beautiful animals. Not only does fostering a greyhound give you the experience of owning a greyhound, it also allows GAP to rehome more greyhounds while also exposing the dog to ‘pet-life’, making it easier for them to adapt to their forever-home when the time comes. 

Foster carers play a vital role in helping greyhound’s transition to life as a pet, which is why GAP are always on the hunt for more willing carers. It costs nothing to be a foster parent, with GAP providing everything you need from dry dog food to bedding. All they ask from you is that you are loving and patient, prepared to socialise the dog and be flexible. Sounds like a deal to us. 


Of course, if you are lucky enough to be in a position to adopt, it is the perfect time to do this, with adoptions usually $350, but now discounted to just $75 for the month of April. Due to their appearance, Greyhounds are generally misunderstood dogs, boasting an affectionate and sweet nature who love human companionship. While they are large, these dogs don’t need large amounts of space and are in fact perfect for an urban home as they are very low maintenance and sleep for up to 20 hours (think of them like a large cat). A 15-20 minute walk each day is all that they need, so they’re perfect for those who are time poor and busy at work.

So whether you’re ready to become a dog parent or not, there’s plenty of ways you can help to make a difference to the lives of Greyhounds, thanks to Greyhounds As PetsRacing and Wagering WA.

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