How To Find Your COVID-19 Proof Of Vaccination Certificate

By Claire Logan – who is always dreaming of her next meal and reckons a good martini solves most problems

While the WA Government has announced an easing of COVID restrictions across Perth, you'll now need to provide proof of vaccination if you're heading out to certain venues and events around town.

There's an app on the way that should make it easier, but for now we've pulled together a handy guide on when, where and how to access your proof of vaccination in case you need it.

Where Will Proof Of Vaccination Be Required?

As of Tuesday 4 January 2022, the State Government announced proof of double vaccination will be required at all venues and events of 500+ as a mandatory practice. This includes the following:

  • Nightclubs

  • Music festivals and major events (above 500 people)

  • Pubs, taverns, hotels (hospitality) and Special Facility Licenses with a capacity of more than 500 people or these specific licensed venues that trade after midnight

  • Events with an Occasional Liquor Licence

  • The Crown gaming floor

Why Do I Need A COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate?

Just like a proof of age card allows you access into licensed venues for being over 18, your vaccination certificate will act as proof of vaccination to police, health authorities, and certain retail and hospitality businesses. Yes, that means if you're keen to tear it up at clubs and major events this summer, you'll need to prove you're double jabbed.

How Do I Find My COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate?

Now you're asking, how do I get myself one of these magic certificates that will let me play with my friends? First of all, you'll only have access to one after your second jab.

After that, if you're 14 or older, eligible for Medicare and you have access to a smartphone, there are two ways to prove you're double-vaccinated. Both of which are a lot easier if you've linked your Medicare card to your myGov account—so, make sure that's done first.

Option 1: The Express Plus Medicare Mobile App

We're all pretty familiar with using apps for sign-ins nowadays, so this one is a sinch. First, you need to download the Express Plus Medicare app on your phone and log in using your Medicare details.

You'll then select "immunisation history" and "view COVID-19 digital certificate", which will only appear after your second jab is registered.

After that, all you have to do is add that certificate to your Apple Wallet for iPhones or "save to phone" for Google Play. Easy!

Option 2: Medicare Online Account Via MyGov

If for any reason you can't use this app, jump online and sign in to your myGov account using your phone's internet browser.

From there, click into "Medicare" in "services"—and the rest is the same as above. Select "view immunisation history" and add the document to your Apple Wallet or "save to phone".

What If I'm Not Eligible For Medicare?

No worries! You can still add a vaccine passport to your digital wallet through the "Individual Healthcare Identifiers" service online with myGov. It works the same as the previous two options.

What If I Don't Have A Smartphone?

You can either ask your vaccination provider to print you out an official immunisation history statement or call the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 to send you a statement.

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Image credit: Elle Borgward (The Camfield)

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