8 Must-Dos To Prep For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

By Bridget O'Donohue

Winter’s finally packing up and the lure of an outdoor getaway has never been stronger. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer heading off on the trip of a lifetime or are keen to treat the kids to their first off-grid experience, there’s a stack of pre-trip planning to nail before you hit the open road. We’ve rounded up the most important things to prep so that your next nature escape goes off without a hitch thanks to the help of our mates at Battery World

Scope Your Route And Destination 

Your trip will be done and dusted before it starts if you don’t have a solid idea of where you’re going and how you’ll get there. With Australia’s potential for extreme weather, it’s essential to check for bushfire and flooding risks, as well as any other potential weather patterns that might impact your plans. Check your proposed route and destination are suited to the ability levels of your group and your gear is up to the task—you might need to hike a trail or head in by four-wheel drive. Some national parks, campgrounds and beaches are a no-go for four-legged friends, so if you’re planning on bringing your fur baby along, check it’s dog-friendly first.

Book Ahead 

Before locking in your accommodation, punch those numbers into your budget—some sites can have a hefty price tag while other hidden gems cost nothing to set up shop. Plenty of hot spots can chuck you in a ballot or book out months ahead, so double-check whether you need to lock things in way in advance. battery world van with man on roof

Check For Amenities

Knowing what to expect once you get to your final stop makes planning and packing a heap breezier. 

Fire off these questions:

  • Will there be BBQs or cooking facilities available? 
  • Can you have an open fire and is there a place to stock up on firewood? 
  • Are the dunnies a basic drop toilet setup or can you roll out your 10-step skincare routine? 
  • Is there any power and what gear do you need to tap into it? 
  • Can you refill drinking water or do you need to carry it in Bear Grylls-style?

Pack The Right Gear

You might be tempted to just hit the road with your swag and a packet of 2-minute noodles, but having a thorough checklist will keep your trip infinitely more comfy in the long run. Everything you pack should suit the time of year—we’re talking waterproof tarps and warm layers for winter, and lightweight clothes, mozzie spray and buckets of sunscreen for summer—plus a decent awning year-round. If you’re bringing a cooktop, make sure the gas bottle’s full and in good working order, and pack a few reliable torches with fresh batteries to get you to the dunnies in the dark—fairy lights are fun but won’t have your back when you’re scrabbling through the bush at midnight. fwd in forest

Assess Your Batteries 

If your trip involves a car, motorbike, caravan or boat, make sure the battery’s in tip-top shape—if you’re not sure what that looks like, it’s worth heading to the pros for help. Battery World offers battery health checks, top-of-the-range batteries and plenty of expert guidance in stores all over the country. Charging your gear off your vehicle battery can leave it drained (and you stranded), so an auxiliary dual battery system with a deep cycle battery is a ripper alternative—they discharge energy to a lower level than your car’s starting battery and last a whole lot longer. Just charge them up with portable solar panels or your average household powerpoint and you’re good to go. Depending on what you want to use, a small power bank can also do the trick. 

Be Prepared For Sticky Situations 

The emergency gear you round up depends on where you’re heading and how, but essentials should include a first-aid kit, matches, an exit plan for natural disasters, drinking water, insurance, a few rolls of toilet paper, and an alternative form of comms in case you can’t get mobile coverage—which is also a handy way to save on battery juice. If you’re off-roading, pack recovery tracks and straps, and for boat trips check you’ve got your life jackets and flares. Share your itinerary with mates back home, and keep your eyes peeled for emergency warnings and updates if you can. 

girl and man life jacket boat

Plan Your Food

A good feed can sometimes be the difference between an epic day or a complete write-off when you’re roughing it in nature, which is why mapping out your menu is outdoor adventure planning 101. Allocate meals and ingredients to avoid ending up with five bags of muesli and no milk, and make sure you’ve got plenty of equipment to prep with and eat off—things like mugs, plates, chopping boards, cutlery, washing-up gear, and somewhere to keep your cold stuff. A sturdy esky refilled every few days with ice can keep you covered on a short trip, but investing in a battery-powered fridge could be the way to go for more remote, off-grid adventures. 

Lock In Your Activities 

Fill that holiday itinerary with a few well-researched landmarks or natural wonders—chances are there’s a giant novelty fruit or rocking chair for a pit stop along the way to stretch your legs. Keep an eye out for bodies of water, nature hikes or historic towns—lakes, beaches, waterfalls and rivers are an epic way to spend an afternoon, and local neighbourhoods are often brimming with cute cafes, quaint old pubs, and old-school bakeries serving up the nation’s greatest meat pie and vanilla slice. School holidays can get hectic, so lock in your tours, activities, and rented equipment ahead. 

Getting out into nature with the crew can be hard enough without leaving everything up to chance. Prep for the ultimate outdoor adventure with a little help from the experts over at Battery World, so you can spend your holiday soaking up the beauty of your own backyard. 

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