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Grab Your Bathers, The Ningaloo Whale Shark Season Has Arrived Early

By Alice Dolphin
2nd Mar 2021

We can’t really think of a better way to round out the Aussie summer season than by taking a dip with the astonishing marine wildlife. Ningaloo Reef is notorious for its abundance of aquatic mammals, including the beloved whale sharks which have arrived a little earlier than usual this year. Now, we know that the word ‘shark’ can be a little off putting for some, but whale sharks are the gentle giants of the ocean.

We’ll give you a rundown of how it all works: every year around March, these beauties congregate in the masses just off the Coral Coast. As a result, we have the breathtaking opportunity to go for a dive into the world of whale sharks, and tick it right off our bucket list—although, once you’ve done it, you’ll definitely want to come back. 

Jump onto a whale shark tour to experience something that only one person in 3 million people will experience in their life. We can seriously vouch for the fact that this is something you can’t pass on. If you’re still seeking more adventure, there’s a bunch of other incredible tours from Ningaloo that you can explore. 

Just to reinforce how lucky we are to reside here in WA, Ningaloo Reef is the only place in Australia where you can swim with whale sharks, humpback whales and manta rays alike. It’s partially because of this that it is UNESCO-listed as a natural heritage site. It’s also one of Australia’s newest hope spots

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Image credit: Ningaloo Discovery

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