Our Fave Five Hot Yoga Classes In Perth

By Chloe Sputore - 16 May 2016

Our Fave Five Hot Yoga Classes In Perth, Bikram Yoga, Perth yoga, Hot Yoga Perth, Hot yoga, Vinyasa
The Yoga Garage
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Yoga Tree Perth
East Victoria Park, WA 1 Image
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Power Living Myaree
Myaree, WA 1 Image
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Power Living North Perth
North Perth, WA 1 Image
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Fire Shaper Studio
East Perth, WA 1 Image
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Twisting Peacock Yoga
Osborne Park, WA 1 Image
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Does anyone else find that autumn and winter are some of the hardest times to drag your booty onto a yoga mat? We hear you—it’s cold, the idea of taking your socks off is just ridiculous and your body is as stiff as a board.

Well, now’s the perfect time to give hot yoga a go! With rooms as hot and humid as Bali, your muscles will be warm within minutes and soon enough you’ll want to rip all of your clothes off as sweat begins to drip from every part of your body (yes, eyelids do sweat).

Here’s our fave five hot yoga classes in Perth.

The Yoga Garage


If you’ve done the whole Bikram yoga thing to death and are looking for something new, The Yoga Garage in Scarborough also offers hot vinyasa and iron yoga (a class designed specifically for men). The classes range from 60 to 90 minutes long and are beginner friendly so you've got no excuses, head down to Scarborough Beach today and don’t forget your sweat rag!

Yoga Tree Perth

Victoria Park

With classes ranging from 60 to 90 minutes, you can practice everything from Bikram to hot yoga and Pilates at Yoga Tree Perth. The crew here have created a lovely little yogic sanctuary, the rooms are super clean and smell surprisingly pleasant and the bathrooms are some of the best we’ve come across in the hot yoga community in Perth. If heading home with a bundled up sweat towel stinking up your car is not your thing, you can even hire freshly cleaned mats and towels, so all you’ll need to wash after class is your yoga gear (and body obvi).

Power Living

North Perth and Myaree

Power Living have created some of the most unique hot yoga yoga spaces in Perth. The North Perth studio is housed in an old Baptist Church dating back to the 1800s, while in Myaree the crew have created a little yoga sanctuary with a community area, greenery and a pond to chill out by before or after class. They both offer heated vinyasa and hot yoga, while some classes are paired with music and others end with a lovely guided meditation.

Fireshaper Studio

East Perth

If you’re not up for the challenge of practicing yoga in a 40-degree room (it’s hard, we don’t blame you), then Fireshaper Studio’s Shape classes will probably be right up your alley. The class, which is suitable for all levels, combines yoga and Pilates techniques and is practiced in a 26 to 32-degree room, so you get all of the benefit of warm and nimble muscles without the ridiculous amount of sweat that comes with a regular hot yoga class. Living up to their name, Fireshaper also offers Ignite (asana and pranayama) and Flow (vinyasa) classes (which are practiced in rooms heated up to a sweltering 40-degrees.

Twisting Peacock Yoga

Osborne Park

Aside from their nude yoga classes (it’s a thing!) Twisting Peacock in Osborne Park also teach hot power yoga. The room is heated to a more reasonable (but still hot) 32-degrees, so if you’re new to the hot yoga thang this would be your place to start. Don’t worry, you can keep your clothes on!

Looking for yoga sans the heat? Here’s some of Perth’s Most Beautiful Yoga Spaces!

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