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Perth’s Best Hen’s Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Strippers

By Claire Logan – who is always dreaming of her next meal and reckons a good martini solves most problems

Hens party ideas in Perth

If you think hens parties are just sequinned sashes, penis straws and Magic Mike wannabees, think again—hens parties have stepped into a whole new, slightly classier realm these days. Of course, this doesn't mean it has to be boring. 

There are plenty of awesome ways to send your bride off in style no matter what vibe you're chasing. If you're a bit stuck, these hens party ideas in Perth have you covered.

Hire A Drag Queen

Surprise your bride and guests with a special visit from a sassy Perth drag queen. Yes, they're guaranteed to bring all the fun, saucy vibes and look absolutely fabulous in your polaroids, but they can also host and help out with games, leaving you to get drunk with the rest of them. Bless these hens party angels. 

Give Pole Dancing A Go

Maybe you have some girls in your group that would give any stripper a run for their money, or maybe you're just looking for something fun that'll put everyone in a silly, let's pop another bottle mood. A private pole dancing class at Bobbi's is perfect for both. You'll learn those sexy pole grooves and basic spins before throwing it into a fun little routine that's guaranteed to either leave you feeling like the hottest woman alive or the most uncoordinated. Either way, we guarantee your Insta stories will be looking pretty lit. 

Go For A Boujee Private Dinner And Karaoke

If your bride likes the finer things in life, a fancy meal in a gorgeous private dining room just makes sense. We love this 12-seater (you might have to keep it to close friends only) tucked upstairs within the heritage walls of the Royal Hotel—it's absolutely perfect for a lavish sit-down lunch or dinner where you can get super rowdy (feel free to bring those hens party games you found on Etsy) while lapping up oysters, caviar bumps and some of Perth's best French-inspired dishes from fleur. When you're done dining, you can slide into your complimentary velvet-clad private karaoke room and keep the champagne a-flowing. Make sure you bring a polaroid camera along to capture the chaos.

Book The VIP Lounge At Perth's Secret Disco Bar

Any venue that gives you an excuse to wear head-to-toe sequins, belt out disco bangers and slam retro shots all night seems one hundred per cent appropriate for a hens party. Yep, the Studio 54 vibes at Toot's secret disco bar are hard to beat, but the line can be somewhat ridiculous. Play it smart and book the VIP velvet lounge so your glammed up group can strut right in. Toots closes at 12am but Connections is right around the corner if you want to keep dancing til 5am... just saying.

Dial In A Luxe Pop-Up Picnic

If you don't want to go out out and nobody has quite the right entertaining space, why not hire a luxe picnic setup? Yes, you could technically buy everything and set it up yourself, but are you really going to use eight picnic tables, a bell tent and 20 Moroccan-style cushions again? Trust us, just let someone like Luxe Picnic and Event Co take care of it. You can choose your colour theme and whether you want it on location (like Hyde Park or South Perth Foreshore) or in the backyard. Then all you really have to worry about is bringing enough prosecco, grazing goods and games to keep everyone going. 

Master A New Drink At Cocktail School

Something a little more guided like this cocktail making workshop at Republic Of Fremantle is ideal if you've got a mixed group of girls together that don't know each other at all. This way you can all sit back, sip and learn together, and by the time you finish the fourth cocktail, everyone will be best friends. It also helps that Republic Of Fremantle's bartenders are some of the best in Perth. Plus, the lush distillery makes a stunning backdrop for all your pics and drinks afterwards.

Find The Bride's Signature Scent At Heartwood's Fragrance Making Workshop

Did you know Heartwood does bridal parties? I know, the luxe day spa and perfume bar isn't exactly what pops to mind, but that's why we love it. You can get the girls together for a fun fragrance workshop that'll see you create your very own scent, including popping it into a beautiful little bottle with a personalised label. At least this way, even if the bride does go too hard on champagne, she'll have a gorgeous bespoke fragrance to help her remember the day.

Dance Like Beyonce

F Is For Dance hens night package is guaranteed to pull out the bride's inner diva. You and the gal pals will get your own dance instructor, a private dance studio, insight into some of Beyonce’s sexiest signature moves and you’ll finish with a hot little routine to one of Bey’s best hits that you can wow everyone with at the wedding when you’ve had a few. If Bey's not your vibe, they've got loads of other dances—maybe Lady Marmalade, Baby One More Time or WAP is more your jam. Oh and they can also come to you if you have the dance space.

Get Boozed Up At One Of Perth's Best Bottomless Sessions

Let's face it, most brides are really just looking for a big boozy day with their besties and for this, you really can't go wrong with a good bottomless session. Perth's got plenty that'll go down a treat—you can suss out our faves here. We give this option bonus points as it's probably the easiest to organise with just one simple per-person cost that covers everything. Because god knows there's nothing worse than trying to chase up people for money the following day.

Try Not To Blush At A Life Drawing Class

Okay, so it’s not the nudity you’re opposed to, per se…just the cringe-factor of a greased-up guy standing there in budgie smugglers. You need culture, dammit! At the Artful Hen you’ll stretch your drawing muscles as the male models flex their bulging ones, with a trained artist guiding you through the basics of life drawing. Don't worry, it's completely BYO so you can keep the bubbles flowing.

Get A Luxe Airbnb For The Weekend

Rather than having one big boozy night, you could always book an entire weekend away with just your closest girlies instead. Pick a theme and crank out the cocktails and party vibes one night (if only for the photo and dance opps), relive sleepover times by curling up in front of a rom-com marathon with pizza, popcorn and wine the next, and share a big, beautiful mimosa brunch together before you go. It doesn't even have to be that far away—start looking here.

Now that that's sorted, lock down a dress for the wedding at Perth's best dress hire shops.

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