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Here Are The Best Places To Pick Your Own Fruit In Perth

By Anna Franklyn
17th Aug 2020

a crate full of juicy strawberries

Ditch the major supermarkets—it's always the season to pick your own fruit in Perth. With a bunch of different orchards and farms around the place growing everything from strawberries, apples and oranges to persimmons and olives, there is almost always something in season for you to pick.

Whether you want to enjoy only the freshest local produce or you’re just looking for a fun day out—fruit picking is the way to go. Think beautiful summer days munching on juicy apples straight from the tree or amazing autumn afternoons surrounded by the reds and oranges of your local orchard.

Grab your woven baskets, here’s where to go fruit picking in Perth!

Ti Strawberry Farm


If strawberries aren’t the most tantalising pick-your-own fruit then we don’t know what is. Ti Farm is one of the best and most reasonably priced places to pick your own fruit in Perth. The fruit is most abundant in spring, but the place is usually open for picking from around August until February. Check their Facebook for updates before heading in.

D'Uva's Strawberry Farm


Whether you head there for the gourmet deli or to pick your own strawberries, you won't leave D'Uva's disappointed. They only open the strawberry farm on select weekends so you'll have to give them a buzz or keep an eye on their Facebook page, but even if it's shut, the conti rolls and gourmet cheeses are worth the drive.

The Mango Farm


Head to The Mango Farm to pick everyone’s favourite fruit during the season which runs from mid February until mid April. Unlike some of the other orchards and farms, these guys are open every day for picking and you don’t need to book in advance! Have a chat to the owners—they are seriously passionate about mangoes and growing quality fresh produce. P.S. Their mangoes are seedless, meaning you can literally engulf the whole thing without the hassle.

S&R Orchard


S&R Orchard is open for fruit picking during two different seasons: pick summer fruits from December until March and enjoy Blossom Season in September. The summer fruit festival is a real stand out, complete with entertainment, music and food trucks on the weekend event days. Until then, this beautiful orchard is running a drive-thru fruit and veggie operation so you can get a box of Perth's freshest without getting out of your car. You can even pre-order right here.

The Orchard Perth

Lower Chittering

Visiting the The Orchard Perth makes for a great day trip for us Perthlings. You can enjoy a huge variety of Navel, Seville and Valencia oranges from August to May, as well as lemons, limes, grapefruits and mandarins during the winter season (June to October). Winter and spring is peak citrus harvest time, so a great time to visit if you want to feel the buzz. Head to their website to book in for your tractor tour and fruit picking experience.

The Fruit Corner

Pickering Brook

The Fruit Corner is a family run orchard that’s been around since the 50s. With a huge variety of fruit and veg for picking including chillies, cherries, tomatoes, eggplants, corn, apples, pears and prunes, there'll be something that tickles your fancy. Open for picking most weekends from November until July, it’s good to keep up with these guys via Facebook or give them a call to see what’s picking. If you don't want to go fruit picking, you can also purchase a whole heap of fresh and local produce from them at ‘Shed Special’ prices.

Walkalina Olive Park


Inspired to learn the olive oil making process? In April and May head to Gingin and pick jumbo kalamatas at Walkalina Olive Park, an olive grove using organic practices to produce award-winning extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil. Arrange your own picking in advance, but be warned: you've gotta’ pick a lot of olives to make oil, so this is a group activity.

Want more? Here our favourite farmers markets in Perth.

Image credit: Ti Strawberry Farm

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