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We Put The Pure + Nood Cleanse To The Test And Here’s What Happened

By Lisa O'Neill
6th Nov 2018

Pure + Nood Cleanse

Life gets busy. It doesn’t matter what life stage you’re at, whether you’re studying your ass off, working your ass off or just don't really care for cooking, there are time challenges for all of us where sometimes, our nutrition gets placed pretty far down on the list of priorities.

Imagine how good life would be if someone simply delivered perfectly proportioned, uber healthy meals to your front door. So every time you head to the kitchen, instead of toast variation #23, you had a meal that would make your tummy and tastebuds sing a really smug, in-your-face happy tune? Pure + Nood has created meals alongside juice cleanses to help you achieve all your health goals without sacrificing the time you don’t seem to have lately.

Perth beauty and yogini Rhyanna van Leeuwarden is one of Pure + Nood’s co-creators, having directed the juice cleanse arm of the business for a few years before recognising people wanted inspired clean eats to follow a juice cleanse. This year, she partnered with nutritionist Nikki Heyder, who ran NOOD Cafe in Leederville, to create a seasonal and plant-based menu. There are now 10 options (switched up seasonally) packed with herbs and spices plus a carefully considered mix of protein, carbs and healthy fats.

Pure + Nood Cleanse

On a Monday morning, I kicked off with a one-day juice cleanse and two meals ready for the following day. The juice cleanse can be intimidating because food is amazing and mouths like to chew. However, if you approach the cleanse with the mindset of giving yourself a pause and reset with the chance to remove some bad habits, it has more purpose.

“When you cleanse, it makes you very, very aware of what you’d normally be eating and when,” van Leeuwarden says. “Particularly for parents who always talk about picking at the kids' food while cooking or eating leftovers, it helps you become aware of those moments that create the unbalanced place you’re currently living in.”

A Pure + Nood cleanse day starts with the Blueprint Elixir, which is lemony fresh with alkalising properties to get the bod’s PH levels in check. Throughout the day, a new juice with different vegetables, a little fruit in some and herbs were mindfully consumed to enjoy the layers of flavour. The Thai Sherbet was my number one with the combination of sweetness from the pear, the tartness of lime and the exotic hint of lemongrass. Mid afternoon, when the usual 3pm slump occurs, was the hardest point in the day but I pushed through and my reward was the Mylk of Poppy, which was the best way to finish the day. I warmed the slightly sweetened cashew and coconut milk and slept so soundly that night.

Pure + Nood Cleanse

Waking up the morning after the cleanse, I bounced out of bed. Not sure if it was feeling lighter or an abundant joy at the thought of eating, but it was good. The next three days I was on the ‘ongoing nourishment’ that consisted of a morning green juice, Pure + Nood lunch and dinner finished off with the evening tonic Purple Dusk. I became a big fan of Purple Dusk, which was a gingery mix of apple cider vinegar and Maqui powder (made from a Chilean berry super high in antioxidants) and ended up starting my day with it due to it’s refreshing, cleansing taste.

The raw pad Thai was a highlight, with a crunchy salad mixed with protein-rich edamame and a healthy fat rich dressing made with Pure + Nood’s housemade almond butter. For those after a filling dinner, the lemongrass infused green curry was packed with tasty tempeh, veggies and quinoa and doused in a super flavoursome curry sauce (the lemongrass is supported by kaffir lime and coriander). I couldn’t finish it, but it made for excellent leftovers the next day. The roasted beetroot and kale salad with maple-roasted walnuts was perfectly filling and packed with colour and flavour.

Pure + Nood Cleanse

You can also round out your day with some of the new Pure + Nood snack options. The Glowed Up Greens with broccoli, beans, kale and zucchini will definitely give your two and five a boost plus the Spiced Up Watermelon Jerky is a sweet and spicy treat perfect for 3pm cravings.

The new Pure + Nood combo works a dream, with the intense nutrient boost of the juices followed by plant-based meals that will inspire you as to what can be done with vegetables.

Ready to give it a whirl? Get all the deets and order here, and then check out how to get happier hormones.

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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