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How To Satisfy Your Strange Cravings, As Told By You

By Jessica Ellis
13th Apr 2022

After the last few years, it's fair to say we're tired of our groundhog day routines. Between working from home and hot girl walks, it's no wonder the days and weeks blur together. 

Ready to ditch the mundane and instead embrace a bit of oddness in your life? We've got you covered. Enter Chatime, the bubble tea legends responsible for deliciously bizarre flavour mashups like, kiwi popping pearls with mousse tea….and these strange creatures and interactive posters around the country. So, who better to help disrupt your ordinary routine with a satisfyingly sensorial taste explosion that will have you asking more unusual, please ??

Together, we took to the interwebs to ask Urban Listers how they indulge their peculiar cravings. From funky food pairings to real-life Quidditch tournaments, here's what you had to say. 

Embrace Real Life Movie Moments 

Let's be honest; we all have that one movie moment we've dreamt of recreating. It might be jumping into the DeLorean time machine with Marty McFly or strolling through New York, pastry and coffee in hand, Audrey Hepburn-style. Our readers shared how they bring iconic movie moments to life on the daily. 

Peta is a Starwars fanatic, so you'll catch them "standing in front of automatic doors, pretending to open them like a Jedi." Same, Peta. 

On the flip side, Benjamin is taking to the sky Harry Potter-style. "I play the wholesome, inclusive, mentally stimulating game of Quidditch. I've done this since 2016, and I'm flying to the US for my first world cup in 2023."

Switch Up Your Boba Routine 

In case it wasn't obvious—we're obsessed with bubble tea from the crew over at Chatime. While this refreshing drink is part of our regular routine, we love hearing how you are putting a spin on your bubble tea experience.

Sherly has sparked our dessert imagination; "I grab a plain pizza base and bake it off. Then, deck it out with bubble tea toppings, sprinkles, condensed milk and even some cheese. Oh yummm."

For a flip on your next pearl tea, take notes from Lisa. "I buy my favourite Chatime Tiger Pearl Tea and pour a bit of it on brioche bread. Pop it in the freezer, and you'll have delicious brown sugar tea brioche that tastes like fried ice cream!" 

Get Your Creativity Flowing 

If your job requires creativity on tap, it's easy to end the week feeling drained of inspiration. Give your imagination a boost by stepping away from the familiar with an off-kilter creative hobby. 

Forget the typical paint and wine classes, Alana reimagines this artform completely. "I satisfy my strangeness by decorating eggs! It might sound odd, but it's by far my favourite hobby." 

Or, let your inner kid run free with a spot of Lego fun. Hit up your local Lego store, keep an eye out for exhibitions or make like Becky and head to some "inclusive Lego sessions at the local library, just for adults." 

Satisfy Funky Food Cravings

We all have that odd snack we can't get enough of. If you thought dipping hot, salty fries into a chocolate shake was out there, think again. As foodies, we fully endorse breaking out of your comfort zone and sampling something different.

Tysonn shares, "I can't eat two-minute noodles without putting them in a sandwich first. I also love to dip my toast into a glass of milk." 

Keith is all about efficiency when it comes to snacking; "I head straight to the pantry and spoon heaps of Milo into my mouth from the tin. Then, scull milk back straight away. It mixes up in my stomach!"  

When it comes to sampling contrasting flavours, we'd have to say Josephine has nailed it. She shares, "I love vanilla ice cream and soy sauce! It's both salty and sweet, a strange yet heavenly treat. If my hubby knew, he'd probably want a divorce!"

Feeling inspired to ditch the status quo for a spot of strange? Share what you're getting up to with the Chatime filter over on TikTok and be in to win free bubble tea. We're so in.  

Editor's note: This article is sponsored by Chatime and proudly endorsed by The Urban List. To find out more about who we work with and why read our editorial policy here.

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