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The Shows You Can’t Miss At This Year’s Perth Comedy Festival

By Kirsty Petrides - 20 Apr 2016

Laughing makes you healthier. That is a fact I read in a medical journal once. (And by ‘medical journal’, I mean Google.) Apparently, laughing releases endorphins and decreases stress hormones. And this increases your immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, therefore improving your immune system and resistance to disease. Boom! You can’t argue with science, guys.

So instead of spending money on a flu shot before winter, why don’t you boost your immunity by buying tickets to the Perth Comedy Festival instead?

Yes, the Comedy Fest is back my friends, and there are some stellar comedians heading to our city ready to make you giggle. We’ve hand-picked a few shows that you really shouldn’t miss. So go ahead and start booking yourself some gigs—it’s good for your health.

Rhys Nicholson

Going to see a Rhys Nicholson show is the equivalent of doing one of those HIIT workouts that people love to Instagram about. How, you ask? Because he is so brilliant and hilarious, your entire body will be shaking with laughter the whole time, and you will wake up the next day with severely aching muscles. Rhys’ observational humour is second to none, and his quick wit and lightning-fast quips mean that your body doesn’t even have a chance to rest and recuperate in between jokes. Do yourself (and your future six-pack) a favour, and get to one of his shows at the Perth Comedy Festival.

His Majesty’s Theatre
Thurday 28 April 2016—8:15 pm
Friday 29 April 2016—8:15 pm
Saturday 30 April 2016—8:15 pm
Sunday 1 May 2016—7:15 pm

David O’Doherty

This Irishman and his toy keyboard will have you rolling around in the aisles of the Regal Theatre in fits of laughter. David O’Doherty has made quite the name for himself with his musical comedy act, which mostly involves him singing about things that piss him off. Hilarious, shrewd humour that is bound to put a smile on your dial. Being the heartbreaker he is however, he is only in Perth for one show, so get in there toot-sweet.

Regal Theatre
Tuesday 19 April 2016—7:00 pm

Matt Okine

Despite having to get to work at the punishing hour of 4.30am every morning, Triple J presenter Matt Okine manages to stay awake long enough to make Australia giggle with his hilarious live shows. And he does such a stellar job of it, he racked up some serious awards last year, including an ARIA for best comedy release, Best Comedy Performer at the Helpmann Awards, Best International Show at the New Zealand Comedy Fest, and the prestigious Director’s Choice Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Fest.

Regal Theatre
Saturday 14 May 2016—9:15 pm

Luisa Omielman

Imagine if someone created a stand-up show about all the ridiculous nonsense girls encounter on social media, like ‘thigh gaps’, and ‘face contouring’, and ‘brow game’? Well you don’t have to imagine because Luisa Omielman has done just that. Hailing from the UK, Luisa is paying Western Australia a visit with her hilarious show. Go along and see why she keeps getting sell-out runs all over the place.

His Majesty’s Theatre
Friday 22 April 2016—8:30 pm
Saturday 23 April 2016—8:30 pm
Sunday 24 April 2016—8:30 pm

Joel Creasey

Support ya local! Joel Creasey is a good ol’ Perthie and also happens to be darn hilarious. The past year has seen Joel tour the globe with his comedy and also dabble in some reality TV. Now he is headed back to his hometown to bring some laughter in to our lives with fearless and hilarious tales drawn from his life.

Regal Theatre
Friday 29 April 2016—9:15 pm
Saturday 30 April 2016—9:15 pm

Becky Lucas

For a stand-up comedian, it doesn’t get much better than opening for the one and only Jerry Seinfeld. However, despite already achieving this ultimate goal, Becky Lucas has not retired from comedy, and continues to tour making the world laugh with her stand-up show. Described by Karl Stefanovic as a ‘bloody weirdo’, Becky will have you in fits with her creative and original humour at the Perth Comedy Fesitval.

Mount Lawley Bowling Club
Thursday 28 April 2016—7:00 pm
Friday 29 April 2016—7:00 pm
Saturday 30 April 2016—7:00 pm
Sunday 1 May 2016—6:00 pm

Lawrence Leung

The man behind the very funny ABC program ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, Lawrence describes his stand-up show as ‘experiments, mind games and impossible coincidences’. Intriguing, yes? Join him for an evening of fascinating and curious comedy.

Perth Town Hall
Friday 6 May 2016—9:30 pm
Saturday 7 May 2016—9:30 pm
Sunday 8 May 2016—8:30 pm

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Matt Okine | Image credit: Youtube

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